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Forget running, lets bike!

Posted Oct 14 2011 9:53pm

Workout Wanda: Started with NROLFW 2.A.1 and then we headed out for 16 miles of mountain biking at Buffalo Creek.

We both had off work today so we headed up to Buffalo Creek for some more mountain biking. Initially we didn’t have a game plan but Chris’s little mind had us going a lot longer than I was ready for but I made it!

image thumb8 Forget running, lets bike!

On our way out Chris managed to spot a little tiny snake making its way across the trail. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I have no idea how Chris manages to see all of this stuff!

100 5313 thumb Forget running, lets bike!
100 5315 thumb Forget running, lets bike!

I guess the fact I have been seriously slacking off on my runs benefited me today. My legs didn’t fall off but they seriously considered simply falling off. Uphill mountain biking is hard!

100 5316 thumb Forget running, lets bike!

More than once I was grouchily thinking “I’d rather be running!”. Running uphill is so much easier than biking uphill! If you’re running uphill want to keel over you just slow down, no biggy. But if you are biking uphill and want to slow down you either tip over or roll backwards…neither is very desirable!

And running up a jumbled mess of rocks is much easier than hiking your bike up them…

100 5317 thumb Forget running, lets bike!

We basically did a massive circle around Buffalo Creek. We didn’t hit up all the trails but we did manage to cover pretty much every type of trail possible. First we rode up a wider road then veered off onto some single track.

100 5319 thumb Forget running, lets bike!

The single track wound uphill then looped down, over and over. Although I swear the uphill was longer and harder than the downhill. Dumb hills. Luckily we were smart to head uphill slowly first and then zoom our way downhill!

100 5320 thumb Forget running, lets bike!

The stark differences in trails is probably my favorite part of the trails at Buffalo Creek. One minute we bouncing downhill over lumpy roots under a canopy of pine trees and a few twists later we are powering over rocks on our way up a sun baked hill free of anything resembling a tree.

Honestly, I think I prefer roots to rocks. At least my pedals don’t sound like they are cracking in half like when they smack rocks. And a root won’t just up and roll down a hill if it knocked kitty wampush, rocks definitely will! Actually, in the end my tush doesn’t like either…it prefers a nice smooth trails!

100 5323 thumb Forget running, lets bike!

Long bike ride…complete. Any form of a run…not even attempted. I seriously suck at biking but so far this week I have done a lot more biking than running. I am currently about 21 miles short…and I only have two days left in the week. I’m screwed!

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