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Forget 5:00... 2:00 is my Happy Hour

Posted Jul 29 2009 12:00am

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting away with something. Like back in the day when you're home from school because you're sick, but you really could have gone because you're not that sick. Today I was thinking how great it was to throw on a bathing suit under my clothes, get Luke to camp and take Eliza to the pool for swim lessons. Then come home for lunch and ice pops, then to the playground for a playdate. After that it's our quiet time. Eliza naps, and Luke does something low key, a computer game or he draws or plays with his toys. How great is that? And it's Wednesday, formerly known as Hump Day.

I love 2:00, our quiet time. I have an hour or so to do whatever, run on the treadmill, read or watch something mindless from the DVR. But it's funny, even though I've been a SAHM for four years, if I come across Little House on the Prairie or The Price is Right on television, boy do I feel like I'm playing hookey.

This doesn't mean I'm a slacker, I think I'm the opposite. I do something around the house seven days a week, laundry (which is just endless in the summertime), vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms or bedrooms or any room. I can't end my day with a messy house, it really bothers me. When things are in place, the kitchen is clean, kids are in bed, then I feel like I deserve my glass of wine and couch time.
Or frog time. Goofy kids, they caught some frogs from the front yard today and put them in a jar. You can tell how long it's taken to catch them, this photo is from June, when we were still waiting for it to feel like summer.
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