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Forerunner 305 dead

Posted Mar 12 2010 4:46pm

Last week I go to use my forerunner 305, and its dead. I snap it on the charger and it says "charged". How odd, remove it and its dead (paperweight mode). So I call Garmin and they have me try a couple things to try and revive it without any success and deem it DEAD. They say "you can send it back"... yah for about $80 so I tell them I have the extended warrantee and apparently it is through another vendor... Grrreeeaat I get on the phone with them and they will replace it but I need to RMA it, wait for them to approve and then wait for a replacement. By this time, it could be WEEKS if not a month before I see anything!

So I did some research and apparently the 405 for what I am doing is not any better. With the 405 being out, the prices of the 305 have fallen drastically. I finely broke down without my 305 this week and ordered a replacement one ( about 159 ). After working out with one, you can never go back! It is able to auto split, pace, distance, heart-rate, virtual trainer, advance workouts, go to markers or back to start (if you get lost), zone alerts (for h-r, pace, etc.)and much more including Garmin connect!

Anyway, hopefully this week I get my new one this week! Anyone looking to get one, let me know would be happy to advise.

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