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Follow the lines...

Posted Jul 20 2006 12:00am

I wasn't going to do any physical activity tonight. But, I finished my book and didn't feel like watching tv so I went to LTF and went swimming. I never really thought about how much I rely on stripes/lines in running and triathlons. One of my favorites is the blue stripe on the bottom of the pool. Which, if you're anything like me and are challenged in the swimming straight department, it helps me know that I am at least going the right way and I can tell how far I have gone. Course, once you get in the lake for the triathlons, they unfortunately don't put lines on the bottom of the lake. You're lucky if you can see the bottom of the lake. In running, I never knew this until finishing my book Ultra Marathon Man (which I highly recommend), but, it's good to run on the fog line on hot days. It apparently keeps you much cooler. I wish I had known that a month ago at Grandma's half :) I was running smack in the middle of the road for most of the race. That must be why I didn't do as well as I wanted - right?! And for biking, I try to "lean to the line". I think I made that saying up but I try to stay to the inside by the fog line to keep my mileage as low as possible. Those gotta love them.
I haven't said much about the LTF tri last weekend. I have been waiting for the pictures to be posted so I will include one with my blog as well as a little summary once they are published. But, I will say, the volunteers were amazing. My friend Dori volunteered and was in charge of getting people lined up to start the swim - not an easy task. But, she did awesome and it was great to see a recognizable, calming face before my swim. Tomorrow I am hoping to do more running but maybe I'll take that day is the weekend after all.
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