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Flying Pig Relay Race Report

Posted May 03 2011 12:12pm
This weekend I made the drive to Cincinnati to visit with friends and run the Flying Pig.  I had planned on running the half marathon but my friend switched to a different relay team so I could run with Mr. H, her sister, and sister's boyfriend on the Four Loco relay team.  It was my first time running on a marathon relay team.

I arrived on Friday and was up early to see Mr. H run the 10K.   I was his personal photographer for the morning ;)  After we hit up the expo, lunch, and errands.

Sunday morning started entirely way too early.  We were all up before 5 am (which really felt like 3:45 am to me thanks to the time change) and out the door before 5:30am.  We had to drop off Mr. H at the start, and the others at the 2nd and 4th relay buses.  Then Sarah and I were off to sleep in the Kroger parking lot until our race started.  It was very strange being up so early and waiting, not heading to the start line.  After an hour and half of not much sleeping and a trip to the Kroger bathroom, the eventual shirtless winner ran by, then Mr. H called saying he had passed off to the 2nd leg after a stellar 51 minutes 6+ miles. I made my way to the exchange point a little after 8 to wait for H.

I was on the ball and heard our number as H entered the long shoot.  He quickly handed me the very sweaty leg chip and I was off in the mass of sub-4 hour marathoners.  Quite a different experience running with the serious folk ;).  The miles ticked off quickly but it felt weird to be running with the faster crowd and not be running the full.  When people cheered for me I didn't like it because I felt like it wasn't deserved!  I was only running 7.6 measly miles of this pig monster.  The third leg started around mile 12 and went until just after mile 19.  The hills of the pig had gotten to nearly everyone around me. To see firsthand everyone gutting it out and I was on fresh legs made me feel bad.  I knew what they were feeling but couldn't do anything but stick to my race plan and cheer on those marathoners who were struggling around me.  It's a difficult course and I give mad props to those who tackle and conquer the full.

1 hour and 8 minutes later I was at exchange point 4 to trade the sweaty chip with my "sister".  I felt good and would have liked to have continued on but I had to take her bag to the finish line.  Collectively we finished in 3:49!  My best marathon finish ever ;)

Team Four Loco - Hell Yeah!
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