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Flying Pig Marathon

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:52pm

My sister has been here all week, and we have been hanging out and catching up, so I have been a little distant from the blogging world. I plan to catch up tomorrow after she leaves. But I wanted to tell you all something crazy.... I am planning on running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati on Sunday. I know I just ran Kentucky derby marathon on Saturday, but I am an addict... hence two marathons 8 days apart. I only live an hour from there, so it makes it hard to not want to run it because of the convenience. So I talked my hubby into making it a little family trip. Cincinnati has a great Aquarium park, so we will take the girls after the race on Sunday. Plus, I told the hubby he could golf Saturday morning if he would let me run on Sunday. We are always making some kind of a deal with each other. I get what I want and he gets what he wants... we are both happy... isn't that all that matters?
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