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Fluff Running

Posted Jun 19 2013 9:19am
Fluff running…What is that? Well I guess I am in the process of finding out after yesterday’s appointment. Late last week after realizing that I didn’t feel as great as I had originally thought after the marathon I emailed my sports chiro to see what she thought and of course I was on my way back there. This was only reinforced on Sunday when I decided to be smart and cut my run short very short due to pain and quit after 1 ½ miles.

Yesterday I had that appointment and wow, I thought things were bad before! I got both good and bad news…
  • Good News: The hamstring is only mildly achy and she couldn’t find any spots of “knots” or inflammation around the hamstring. And the area on the piriformis was also improved.
  • Bad News: The pain in now centered on the glute muscle and yikes! Anyone who’s done ART knows that you wonder what you have gotten yourself into! This time I was lying there clenched fists, trying to continue to breath and not scream. Today I still feel like someone repeatedly kicked my left side/butt L

We also made a plan to get me back…
  • Core/Glute Strengthening: Plenty of planks, eccentric strength work and focus on “whole” core work.
  • Fluff Running: Yep, I am back to square 1 but at least I am running when I can. I need to follow the easy plan with no speed or hill work and be okay with walking. Guess what this means…Naked Running (don’t get excited, it is summer and you’ll likely see me in a sports bra but no less!): Garmin and iPod at home.
  • Continue ART: I return next week for what we hope is a final session. I will continue to roll on my own. The best part, when I go back next week I get to run on the Alter-G Treadmill J
  • Cross Train: Bike, swimming and pool running with make up the bulk of my early marathon training. I am also focusing on strength still.

I am hoping with these few weeks of easy running, no race tonight and listening to my body I will be able to race on July 4th. I guess this injury has been going on since Spring 2012 so I can’t expect immediate response. I just got my new “MJ” ProCompression Socks and want to be a speedy runner in these soon!

Aren't these great?
Now is where I need to help: Hold me accountable to get in the pool! I will swim and I will enjoy it (or at least try!).

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