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Flat, hilly, or somewhere in between?

Posted Jun 17 2013 10:12pm
IMG 2645 300x225 Flat, hilly, or somewhere in between?

Traded in the computer for the shore.

I’ve been away at the Jersey shore, enjoying some unplugged time with family and friends. I didn’t really intend to unplug to the extent that I did, but once I got there, I had no desire to open my computer. So I followed that instinct and honestly, kind of dragged myself back to it. It was a fantastic long weekend of great weather, sand, surf, and quality time with loved ones. Wouldn’t change it for a thing!

IMG 2676 225x300 Flat, hilly, or somewhere in between?

So good to catch up with old friends

I did all my usual training while I was there, including a 14-miler on Saturday. I always love running at the shore–just a change of scenery is nice, and it’s good scenery at that. As much as I love running down there, there’s one thing I don’t like, however: it’s pancake flat.

It’s funny, because I sometimes fantasize about running somewhere flat. Around here, flat is pretty rare. We aren’t exactly in the mountains, but we have more than our fair share of hills. I love that they mean I’m not intimidated by a hilly race course, but I don’t love the fact that I can’t ever get away from them.

After running a flat marathon in March, though, and now after this weekend of running flat at the shore, I think I’m changing my tune. I really don’t like plain old flat. Honestly, after a certain number of miles, I don’t think it’s necessarily even easier. My legs wanted some variety, some changing up of the muscles once I’d been out there a while. There was a bridge I ran over and that was my one and only “hill,” but that wasn’t enough. I guess in the end, I do like some rollers.

I will say, however, that when you are MAF training, flat is pretty darn sweet. I kept my best pace ever since starting this training and it did feel oh so good to feel like a normal runner for a long run, again. Now, back to reality (although I do my second MAF test tomorrow and I think I’ll be happy with the results–more later).

How about you–flat, hills, or a happy Goldilocks medium?  

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