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Five for Friday {05-17-2013}

Posted May 17 2013 8:35am

1. I had my first PT appointment on Wednesday for my hip. We did the normal PT things like chat about my running history and injury, test my mobility, stretch, and then I even got a little sports massage. The PT also told me that I have the tightest hip flexor she’s felt in a looong time, boo! Turns out, that pesky rigid thang is the proximal cause of my latest injury. Apparently, when it gets tight, other muscles are recruited and overcompensate leading to a “hip sprain”. Good. to. know. I’m crossing my fingers that PT will help now and will prevent injuries down the road.

2. The good news is I can start to run while we strengthen my hips and hamstrings so long as I keep my form in check. My PT suggested alternating running for one minute with walking for one minute but… I’d never cover any distance. Yesterday, I headed out and alternated running for three minutes followed by walking for one minute and I felt pretty good. The walk breaks did force me to think about my form more but they also really broke up my momentum. Any running is good running at this point though!


3. Breaking Amish is back on TV! I love love love bad reality tv and Breaking Amish quickly became one of my favorite shows last fall. I’ve always been really interested in Amish culture so I’m not surprised at all.

( image source )

It’s super captivating AND educational (it’s on TLC for a reason…)

4.  Chicago Running Bloggers partnered with Muddy Monk to put together the Run for Boston 5k on June 15. Their goal is to raise enough money so that 100% of the race entries can go to the Who Says I Can’t Foundation to directly support the rehabilitation of those who lost limbs as a result of the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. The race organizers are still looking for more sponsors, volunteers, and runners so please check it out! I’ll be volunteering pre-race and then running on the 15th.

5. I don’t know if its coming back from being home in Michigan, the nice weather we’re finally enjoying, or what but this week has just draaaaaggggggged on. It felt like it was Friday on Tuesday! What do you all have planned for the weekend? I’m going on a date night with Ian and then some other relaxing low key things.

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