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Fitness Round-Up!

Posted Sep 21 2011 1:51pm
So far this week has been busy! Ultra Busy and we're only up to Wednesday.

I had a very strange dream about work on sunday night and was most upset upon waking monday morning to realise that I actually hadn't been at work all week, and that I did have to get up and go. Your mind should not be allowed to let you waste dreams on things like work. Not fair.

Well anyway what with all the business etc I've got a few runs to update you on

Got up with RP and Zac to do our morning run. I usually have in my mind that we will do 2 loops of the dual carriageway route but as soon as we moved off today my achilles began to twinge. I've had on and off problems with my achilles in my left foot for about a month now. I think I may have to bite the bullet eventually and book an appointment with a Sports Therapist. So because of this I had to wimp out after only one lap which meant we only ran a feeble 2.4km. The only good thing is we managed this in 14mins and the standard fitness test that you have to do in the army says I should cover this distance between 12m 10s and 13m 23s. So I think if I had not had a sore foot and I had been thinking speed I would have easily managed a qualifying time! Then I could prance round saying I'm Super Army Fit! Or words to that effect!

RP and I go to the Gym together Mon, Wed & Fri evenings so after work we headed over to the leisure centre. RP is obsessed with the climbing machine and seems to be able to climb the Eiffel Tower over and over again without any problems! Blooming fit, ex army show off! Since I was having broken foot problems I decided just to do some cross training on the static bike. I had armed myself with a couple of running magazines so I set the bike to level 10 and asked it to make bleepy noises after 60 mins. I had in my head that I wanted to achieve 30km in this time, I always cover up the display though as if I don't I find it sooooooo hard and am just constantly clock watching. So after my 60mins was up I was a bit gutted to see distance covered at 29.80km. Grrrr! Nevermind though, I was dripping in sweat so knew I'd worked hard. Had an hour in the steam room afterwards to relax and chill.


Rest Day - Thought it best to take a day off to give my achilles a bit of a rest. Was really tempted to go out in the evening after a stressy day at work. But thought better of it. Instead had chip butties for tea!


And so we reach today. I have decided that in order to prepare for the Cockington Xmas Caper (7 miles) I am going to follow the Bridge to 10k plan.

I first got into running by using the Couch to 5k plan so it seems only logical to use it's big brother to continue my new obsession.

The plan is 6 weeks long and is set up in a similar way to C25k. Each week you are required to complete 3 runs, which are made up of walk/run intervals, each week increasing the running time.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Day 1: Duration 55 min
Run 22 min/walk 1 min Repeat x 2

Day 2: Duration 61 min
Run 25 min/ walk 1 min
Repeat x 2

Day 3: Duration 71 min
Run 30 min/walk 1 min
Repeat x 2

Week 6

Each workout includes a 5 minute warmup walk and a 5 minute cooldown walk

Duration: 53 min
Run 10 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 4

Duration: 57 min
Run 15 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3

Duration: 63 min
Run 17 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3

Duration: 66 min
Run 18 min/ walk 1 min. Repeat x 3

Duration 70 min
Run 60 min

So this morning I did W1D1 which called for 4 lots of 10 min running split up with 1 min of walking. I'm usually pretty rubbish and don't do the warm up walks (Naughty!) but I can't stand people looking at me walking for 5 minutes (this is a long time when you are walking) when I'm obviously all kitted out for a run. I know I shouldn't give a c**p what other people think of me, but hey I'm a girl and I do!

So I set straight out into the run, did a loop round the industrial estate, the loop up the dual carriageway, and then thought as it was such a nice day I would run to the country park and do a couple of loops round the lake. It was gorgeous and I was so p*ssed off that I hadn't brought my camera. There was low lying mist over the lake which gave it this really eerie feel, and the place was deserted, not even one lonely dog walker. Just me, the squirrels, the robins and the one swan in the middle of the lake.

Every now and again a squirrel would start to race me down the path, and in my running addled mind I decided that they were trying to spur me on to keep going! Tried to race one but the little bugger cheated by jumping into a tree and taking a short cut. I called foul but there was no one around to make judgement. We'll just have to settle it next time on the track!

As I started to head back the industrial estate was starting to get really busy with people turning up for work. I checked my watch and I had actually gone over the 10 mins running I was supposed to do but decided to keep going til I got home as I didn't want to embarrass myself! It meant I ran for an extra 2 minutes, and you know what, I didn't really find it any harder! Woop go me!

I covered a distance on 7.4km in a time of 45 min 35s, this is the farthest I have run and if you consider 4 minutes of that was walking, the pace it pretty good too. If my maths is correct (probably isn't) I would have probably achieved a sub 30min 5k at this pace.

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