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Fitness Fridays: Vibram KSOs Part 2

Posted Oct 01 2010 8:38pm

I talked a bit before about my Vibes when I was just walking around in them. I have a few runs under my belt with them now and thought I’d review them a little bit more.

Truth: I was a bit skeptical when I first bought them. They feel good just walking around and my feet don’t get that horrible I’m smushed for an entire day feeling. However, I was very nervous to run in them. Running kind of hurts after not running for awhile and I didn’t want to be more uncomfortable than I was already going to be. Also, I didn’t want to get injured again. However, I’ve been rocking the KSOs on all but one run and they’re not too bad. Hindsight, I should have gotten the Sprints because it’s so damn hot here and they’d be easier to slip on and off. Maybe Santa will remember me in a couple of months… (hint hint mom).

My hip doesn’t hurt when I run in them. This is why I’ve continued running in them. I ran once in my Asics and had pretty bad hip pain after (nothing against Asics, they’ve been my go to shoe for years). So all my other runs have been in the vibes.

They really work your calves and achilles. I have soreness now when I run. It isn’t the oh man I’m injuring myself kind, just a general Hey, this is new soreness. I don’t have it the following day or even later after my run. It’s just kind of a new feeling while I’m running. I’m hoping it eventually goes away because it’s kind of annoying.

You have to think about running at first. My first couple of times running in them, I really had to concentrate on my form. Otherwise, you’ll be hitting the ground way too hard. I had to think about landing on the balls of my feet more than the heels. This is A LOT easier to do outside as opposed to a treadmill. I have a deep love of the treadmill but the vibes have changed that. For some reason, I have a hard time getting the correct form on a treadmill. Now that I’m a couple of weeks into it, running on a track is easier and I don’t have to think about it as much.

People will look at you funny and/or ask you questions. I don’t mind answering questions about them or the funny looks. I know why I’m wearing them, that’s all that matters. Plus I think UGG boots and Crocs are ridiculous looking but people wear those without judgement. However, if I’m wearing my ipod and in the middle of a sweat session, the questions should probably wait. I do have to say, most of the curiosity is positive. My tofu-hating cowboy of a professor stopped in the middle of class one day to proclaim that he loves them and ought to get himself a pair. No one has argued with me about being a barefoot hippie vegetarian liberal yet.

I love them and hate them. Sometimes I think it would be “easier” to just go back to my Asics and not deal with this adjustment. Other times I’m so thrilled to be able to run without hip pain (I’m up to an hour with 10 minutes of running/5 minutes of walking now!) and think they are the greatest thing ever. I’ve stubbed my toe on a run and think they are useless. I ran at my gym’s track for the first time and though they were awesome. The benefits outweigh the bad parts right now.

They don’t smell yet. Everyone was warning me of how bad they stink. I sweat pretty bad in them and so far, they’re not too bad. In fact, I may have to wash them because they’re dirty over stinky. I think this is because I put powder on my feet before putting them on every time (it just makes it easier for them so slide on). I use Anti Monkey butt powder so maybe that is why? I’m not sure to be honest, but I’m not smelling like stinky feet just yet.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of the Vibes and me. I don’t know if I’ll be running marathons in them but I see a lot of 10ks in our future (already got my eye on a Turkey Trot….).

I’ve had a couple of friends get them in the past month…how did everyone adjust to them?

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