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Fitness Fridays: Exercise your “Flaws”

Posted Apr 01 2010 12:00am

There are many personality tests you can take to see what workout best fits you. They ask questions like ‘I prefer to hang out with others” or “I prefer to be at home with a good book”. I find these quizzes to be bullshit. For example:

Circle – Social, Emotional and Helpful

As a circle you let your emotions drive your workouts. You tend to be the social butterfly at the gym talking up a storm to whomever will listen. You are a caring person but often put your own needs at the bottom of the list. Here are some tips to keep you exercising.

1. Find a workout buddy or trainer that is motivating but won’t push too hard.

2. Because you like to socialize, join a group class for your perfect workout. You can be part of the group as you follow the routine.

3. Stop putting yourself last on the list. Learn to take care of your needs and fit your exercise routine in your busy schedule of helping others.

, & by Quibblo

Umm…completely wrong. Yes, I am social. But the people that talk at the gym, I want to punch in the face. I generally hate group classes. I push myself very hard. And exercising is always at the top of my to do list. I’ve realized that it isn’t necessarily my best qualities that dictate my workout style. Since the quizzes never ask “Do you curse out the bitch that didn’t wipe down her machine?”, I don’t think they do me justice.

So I figured I’d share what my exercise personality quiz would read:

You answered mostly “crazy”. Therefore, you are a: Freak in the Gym.

1) You are stubborn. Ok, to say that you are stubborn is kind of like saying chocolate is good. It’s true, but it doesn’t quite do it justice. This comes in handy-close to nothing stands in the way of you getting through a workout. Even if you have had long runs where you had to take 3 or 4 bathroom breaks-you would never let that stop you. When you say you’re going to finish something-you do. This includes running when it’s -2 and biking when it’s 100. Suggestions: Long Distance running

2) You get pissed intead of sad. Your reaction to a break up is not to cry-it’s to be like “Screw you, I didnt like you anyway AND you’re a bad kisser.” When your workouts are tough and you think they’re going to break you, you just get pissed. You don’t feel sorry for yourself-you push yourself even more. You refuse to fall into the “Poor Me” mode that can ruin a workout. It’s much more of “shut up and just do this” mode. Suggestions: Speed Work

3) You hold grudges.  If something is too difficult at first, you will not forget it. You will work on it until you beat it. This kicks in when you are running a certain path here. It has a huge hill that you had to walk up. For the next week, you could not stop thinking about this stupid hill. The next weekend, you ran the same path and kicked the hill’s ass (as in, when you were finished, you was like Yeah WHAT NOW, STUPID HILL?!). You weren’t going to forget how it made you feel and you weren’t going to let it happen again. Suggestions: Hill workouts

4) You are very upfront. You don’t always have filter when you say things. It’s not like you say offensive things-it’s more like, If a guy looks good, you’re going to let him know. It doesn’t mean you’re hitting on him-you just think he should know. This helps your workouts because it means you’re not going to lie to yourself. You are not going to let yourself pretend you can’t continue running when you know you have a few extra miles left in you. If you find yourself slacking, You are not going to take it easy. You are going to man up. Suggestions: Spinning

Well, that sounds MUCH more like me (as in, those stories really did happen). Sometimes you got to use what you got to get what you want. No matter how many times I force myself to take a yoga class-I’m still not going to like it. My personality is not going to change and I don’t want it to. So why shouldn’t I think of it as an asset instead of a hindrance?

What would your exercise personality quiz be?

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