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FitBit’s Tech in Helping You Lose Weight

Posted Aug 30 2012 10:48pm

Despite It’s Small Size, The FitBit Ultra Has Some Important Features

Technology has advanced so much throughout the decades that many things are doable now. One of those things being weight loss and weight management. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds or some serious weight and need some go to tools to help you out, check out fitbit’s products on their website. I must admit, their stuff is pretty pricey, but they do some amazing things that can help keep track of your weight loss and other health beneficial things such as keeping track of your sleeping time.

Amazingly enough, most of these things are fitted with Wi-Fi capabilities, making them an efficient tool in combination with your smartphone. One of their fun gadgets, the FitBit Ultra, helps keep track of several of the user’s weight loss needs such as sleep and food intake. It has the ability to log in the amount of calories that are consumed during your meals AND also the calories you burn during a workout session. The Ultra has a built in accelerometer and Altimeter that allows it to track how much you walk, run, and hike. It even keeps tracks of the number of stairs you climb throughout the period of use. It then charts all these things in a very simple chart showing how active you are throughout the day, including the hours of sleep you receive and the time you are inactive.

There are little bells and whistles added on to encourage the user to be active throughout the day, such as a flower that grows and shrinks by the amount of activity you commit throughout the day. It includes very simple and free online tools to keep track of your activity and it also utilizes your phone’s Wi-Fi to do the same thing via your mobile device. At a reasonable price of 99.95, the FitBit Ultra definitely will aid anyone needing that extra help in managing their weight loss and activity.

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