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fishes, fishes and more fishes

Posted Jun 03 2011 11:39pm

If you’re not excited it’s the weekend, you need to get excited

No running news tonight; I had my last day of physical therapy this morning, and that usually leaves me sore. Even though it was my last day they had me do a few new things, and increased the weight on a few other things. I’m almost positive I’m going to be feeling that tomorrow. It was good though.

They also did a strength test to see how I’ve improved. I felt like I improved, and he said I got a 5 out of 5 on the different tests. Not sure what I got before, but I swear I could tell a difference. Now I just have to make myself stick with my exercises to keep my knee/hip strong.


I don’t know about y’all but when I find out I’m going on vacation I’m like a kid. I can’t sleep, I can’t stop thinking about, and I all I want to do is makes lists of things to bring and pack my bags!!!!

We’ve been talking about possibly going to the Bahamas for the first week of August, which is the first week of open Lobster season. We talk about this year round; if there is a boat to go on, we are talking about going.

This year we are fortunate that my Dad has a boat and is planning on making the trip from West Palm Beach to West End (Grand Bahama).

This is the channel that leads to the marina we stay at. Ocean Reef Yacht Club

Oh how I miss you old boat!

old boat

boat 1

The new boat.


So this is how it works- We trailer the boat from the West Coast (of Florida) to the East Coast (of FL). We leave West Palm Beach early Saturday morning and arrive at West End (Old Bahama Bay —-same place John Travolta’s son, Jett died).

At West End we check into customs. Fill out 512 pieces of paper, show your passport, take a pee test (no.. I’m kidding about that one).. then we leave West End a & head to Freeport where Ocean Reef is located. The whole ordeal (depending on customs and the weather takes approx 7-8hrs.)

Believe it or not it’s only about 70 miles from West Palm Beach to West End.


You’re probably thinking this is a little bit crazy, and it probably is, but it’s fun. Also, there are no direct flights from anywhere in Florida to Grand Bahama, in case you were wondering.

I checked.

I can either fly to miami, atlanta, or houston (yah please feel free to explain that one to me) before I can fly to Free Port. It also costs no less than $400. Back in the good ol’ days…  uh 2008, we could get a direct flight from Orlando to Freeport.

It really doesn’t matter if we could get direct flights or not- You can’t fish if you don’t have a boat, and you don’t have a boat if you don’t drive it from West Palm to Grand Bahama.


Shark fishing.




RAWR! That’s a big toothy critter

What you don’t see in that top picture of me shark fishing is the rope tied to the rod.. They were a little worried about that shark snatching the rod out of my hands.


I obviously don’t care about posting unattractive pictures of myself. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to, do what I want to..


That dive skin is hawt, right? Well you know what’s not hawt?

Jelly fish stings.

I’ll pass.kthanx


The rest of the trip will be spent fishing, lobstering, snorkeling, and gambling. (Not gambling our lives…our money…In the casino!) Oh, and eating. Lots of eating. I can’t wait to have some real conch fritters! The ones here just Oh man.

chris snorkel


Are you wondering how we get the lobster?

In the Bahamas you can not use dive tanks to get lobster. They will haul your ass to jail for that, so just don’t. Use spear them. It makes this WHOOSH sound when you spear them. You probably wish I hadn’t told you that. Oh well.

When we are out on the boat, looking for lobster, we look for “donut holes.” This is a rock with a white ring around it. The white ring is sand, and the lobster hide up in the rocks; along with gigantic grouper, sharks, and eels, oh my!

lobster rock


Yah, so the quality of these photos isn’t the best. Give me a break. Some of them are on an underwater camera, what do you want from me? I promise I will try to take better picture when we are down there.

That’s pretty much it. We fish, fish, lobster, fish, gamble, eat, fish, lobster, gamble, gamble, stay up way to late, snorkel, and fish for 8 days.


Questions, Comments, Concerns?


Before you ask, if you were even going to ask; I’m not worried about going on a boat that is significantly smaller than the last time I went. The boat this year is quite a bit bigger than the first boat I ever went on.

That’s a story for another time. I’m looking for pictures for that one.

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