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First Knee Injury Ever

Posted May 17 2010 12:00am

I've never had a substantial knee injury.  Ever.  From running, baseball, softball, skiing, other sports, etc.  Yesterday was good softball day.. right up until the last inning.

Yesterday our first two games went well for me (despite our losses) and I even went 2 for 3 with a lead-off triple in the second game.  On the way over to lunch I got a call from the other team that I had played for that was short a player.  So I agreed to play a 7:40 game.

The game went well for me and the team through the 6th inning.  We were up in runs and then the top of the 7th came and we got pounded.  Literally.  On one play a runner was going home so the ball was thrown there - safe.  The runner who hit had rounded first and headed toward second where I was playing.  I was right in front the base (where I should have been) and facing the catcher when I got the ball and turned to tag.  Before I even got turned around the girl came flying into me (didn't slide) and knocked us both over (me handing onto the ball and falling sideways on top of her).  My knee was hurting.  The tag was good and she was out.  Or was she?  After all that it turns out the first baseman had interfered with the runner so she got the base and we didn't even get the out.  Damn!

I walked it off a bit and it hurt but seemed somewhat okay.  We only had one out to go so I stayed in the game but quickly learned that any running or movement to the side was painful.  After we got our final out I told the coach I couldn't bat again and Christina went and got me some ice for my knee.

I believe I strained or tore my MCL.  I'm hoping for a strain but I have no idea.  It sure doesn't feel good - especially with lateral movement which I'm trying to avoid.  It's pretty stiff and sore and slightly swollen but not too swollen and no bruising.  I'm out for at least a couple weeks from softball and running I'm sure.  Hopefully not longer than a month or I may go crazy!

I get to hobble over to see a specialist tomorrow morning at 9AM.  Wish me luck!


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