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First 20 Miler of the season paired with a hydration belt giveaway!

Posted Feb 13 2011 12:00am

I got up early to get my run out of the way so that I didn’t take up the entire day.  Initially I was going to run the marathon course yesterday, and then today…but I wanted to get more familiar with the course first so that I don’t get lost.  I am going to try to run it next weekend.  My run went well; I tried to pick up the pace on downhills as well as towards the end of my run.  It was nice because the snow banks aren’t as large and the shoulders of the roads are wider!  I got back around 11, stretched, foam rolled, and had my ritual chocolate protein shake.

I actually remembered to put on my heart rate monitor today.  It didn’t bother me at all.  I even forgot that I had it on until right before I went to shower!  I still have to do a test to see what my max heart rate is and what not.  But I figured it would be good to get used to wearing it.  My stats for todays run are:

Avg Heart Rate 146 bpm
Max Heart Rate 166 bpm


I had a Nathan hydration belt ever since my first marathon.  It was an older model with four 10 ounce water bottles.  Nathan donated a  Nathan Sports Speed 4R  to give a try.  I tried it for the second time today (I used it for the first time yesterday on my 9 miler).

The belt has molded holsters which is what attracts me to the Nathan products versus the Fuel Belt lines.  The Fuel Belt has elastic holsters which can be a pain for me to grab my water bottles out of.  When I am exhausted during a race, the last thing I want to do is struggle to get my water out.  I want be able to quickly with no hassle grab my water and put it back without fussing with pulling an elastic.  I know-I’m a little princess-or maybe it is the engineer inside of me wanting to be more efficient method to getting my water.  Once you get used to the Fuel Belt, maybe it isn’t as much of a hassle, but I love my Nathan belt.

The belt carries up to 32 ounces of liquid.  It came with 2 flasks with race caps.  I fell in love with the race caps.  You can just give them a little squeeze and it shoots lots of water!  One thing I will say, be careful of freezing these water bottles.  One of my friends had the race caps and froze her water bottles before our summer runs.  After a while, the bottles started to leak.  We think the freezing messed up the seals of the bottles.

The other two bottle had the regular caps.  These are what I was used to with my old belt.  They worked well.  I don’t use my hands to open them.  I use my teeth and just pull the cap open and push it close.  Not difficult, but I like the race caps a lot better.  This reminds me, have any of you seen the Modern Family episode where Lily bites another child and Cameron and Mitchell realize they might have caused it-Cameron pretends to eat her foot all the time and Mitchell uses his mouth to rip open chips, pull a cork out of the wine bottle, etc.  LOVE Modern Family!

Anywho, back to my awesome hydration belt…there is a power stretch mesh pocket with an interior flat pocket.  I usually put a debit card, cash, and my ID in the interior flat pocket.  I put my Gu’s in the power stretch pocket.  My friend had once fit 10 Gu’s in this pocket!  So I know I will be ok when it comes to marathon time!  I like how this belt come with the ID tab which is waterproof-my old one didn’t.  I always forget to take my ID out of my hydration belt, which always leads to trouble when we go out that night for drinks!  This way, I can leave my ID in my purse and just use my ID card in my belt. Another feature is a waterproof little pocket where the belt velcros together.  I put my keys in here.  It is nice that it is so small so that my keys don’t jiggle too much!

Overall, I loved the belt!  It was light, functional, and so easy to get water from.  Dave even said it looked cooler than my old belt.  The only thing I might want changed is that the belt have the 10 ounce bottles. I LOVE my water and go through withdrawal without it.  Sometimes it is just that one last sip.  I actually think I might give the Trail Mix 4 a try because it does have the larger bottles and it looks like the belt has more adjustability to it. I know a lot of people think that carrying their water in a hydration belt can be “dorky.”  But I love it.  One of my pet peeves is constantly stopping for water during long training runs.  When it gets closer to race time, I want to keep my run as constant as possible to simulate race day.  Carrying my water with me make this possible! After hearing all this, I know you want to win this hydration belt!  So now’s your chance! ENTER THE GIVEAWAY There are a couple of ways you can win!  As usual, if you are already doing what the entry is, just leave a comment that you already are and it counts as an entry!
Please leave a separate comment per entry to increase your chances!
I will announce the winner Monday, February 28th!  Once I select the winner by using the True Random Number Generator , I will ask for the winner’s address and the size you want for your hydration belt!

Good luck to you all!
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