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Finding Monday Motivation and a New Blog

Posted Feb 11 2013 11:25am
Good morning lovelies!

As of right now, (I write my posts the night before and post in the morning because I have the mental capacity and focus of a child monkey squirrel before 10:00 am), it's still snowing heavily - fingers and toes crossed for a SNOW DAY tomorrow!! * Update: no such luck... of course it snows ALL weekend then it's a perfect sunny day when Monday rolls around. Sigh!

Hello my love. Yes, I'm kissing my coffee.

I have a sweet new blog for you to follow (don't worry, it's not mine. I know my life is hardly interesting enough to justify subjecting you to ONE blog, let alone two!). The blog is called the Bay Distance Project, and my friend Allan pretty much forced another of our friends to keep this blog. Actually he really did - Allan even created the blog for him. I will post Allan's phone number later so we can all call him and thank him. 

So Dan is a runner from Cape Breton who is crazy-fast. He actually won the 2011 Cape Breton Fiddlers Run Half Marathon, the same one I ran as my first half in 2011. I only beat Dan by a little bit but he tried really hard....... haha I kid of course. Dan could have taken a nap, gone for lunch and still had time to chill at the finish line for a while in the time between when he finished the race and when I hobbled across the finish line. He literally ran it in HALF the time I did. I stopped being able to see him 200 m from the start line.... That would be pretty embarrassing for me, except that this guy is a freakishly talented runner. He ran the race in 1:10!!!

So he has taken this year off med school (yeah, I know. Life isn't fair!) to focus on running and he's currently attending a training camp at the High Altitude Training Centre in Iten, Kenya for the next few weeks with Eric Gillis (Canadian Olympic Marathoner), Reid Coolaset and Scott Overall. I think he's made 25 Kenyans quit running so far. 

Photo that I ripped from Dan's Blog without permission cause I live
on the wild side. 

Anyway, his blog is pretty awesome! He's writing about life in a training camp in Kenya and he's logging up to 150 miles a week, with multiple 20+ milers in ONE week... Yes, this does make me feel bad about not running the 12 miles I should have yesterday, well, because it was snowing and it was cold and 12 miles just seemed so far

Anyway it's a really interesting read - you can check out Dan's Bay Distance Project blog here if you're interested!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I had a pretty difficult week last week in terms of running. I started the year out great, logging 28+ miles every week and feeling awesome, but stress from other areas of my life got pretty consuming and it left me feeling drained and not wanting to run or do anything. I don't know why we get counter-intuitive when life gets stressful - I KNOW some running-induced endorphins would have done a world of good for my stress levels, especially in a situation I felt was very much out of my control, but I guess that's the irony of stress and our bodies. Kind like when we gravitate towards the wrong foods as comfort foods - what we want isn't always what's good for us. 

Source: Fredericton Marathon website

To combat this sluggish feeling and to give myself some motivation to push forward, I officially registered for my next running adventure - I am officially registered for the Fredericton Marathon! ! This will be province #2 in my quest to run a marathon in every province. Like a friend reminded me this weekend, I don't have a lot of time now to prep for this marathon - accounting for a 2 week taper, I only have 9 weeks of training time for this race. I need to get my ass moving!

I did a lot of reading this weekend since I was snowed into the house by the storm. I finished reading Scott Jurek's Eat and Run (I seriously loved the book, I definitely recommend it. And yes, I realize Scott Jurek should totally be forwarding me royalties for how much I've raved about his book, but sadly I am not paid to say this haha and yes, I did buy my copy of the book. I just really honestly loved it). 

Anyway, there was a part of the book that jumped out at me and I wanted to share it:

So for the next while, even though I will be following a training plan, I need to let go of any pressure to be better/ faster and just enjoy running for the love of it too. I am going to make EK run with me next time we need to catch up instead of sitting by the fire and eating cookies piled with cool whip (yeah, that happened :-/) and for the next while I will focus on the next marathon. I know how fast those can sneak up on you!

Do you ever fall out of love with running?
- not often, but it happens sometimes! Usually when I'm feeling really stressed by things outside of running, or too much pressure about running and it makes me forget why I love to run in the first place

How do you 'reconnect' with running?
- Registering for a new race, a cute new running outfit or running with friends

What's the latest book you've read, running-themed or otherwise?
- Eat and Run (just finished), and I started reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer last night!

What's your favourite running-themed book?
- I loved Eat and Run by Scott Jurek and my very fave is Born to Run

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