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Finding a Nutritionist...

Posted Jun 27 2013 10:49am
Happy Thursday!

  Yesterday I took my daycare kiddos and my boys to a Wildlife Educational Center . (Game farm, mini zoo)
Here's a few pics from our trip!

We saw this MASSIVE turtle, he weighed 200 lbs! 
It might be crazy, but I feel so bad for all of these animals being caged and locked up. I know it's good for kids to see animals that otherwise they would never see, but I still hate it! This turtle doesn't have any room to walk around, he just leans against the glass. (I cropped the pic, so his cage is bigger than what you can see here.) The only movement you could see were his eyeballs and his tongue!

This is a wildcat. See that dirt area in front of the gate? He paces back and forth- nonstop, all day.
 Then we saw a bald eagle, with his wings clipped. All he could do was sit on the branch and look at us.
This just makes me sad for them! I know, I know I'm strange. ;)

  With everything that has been going on with me lately, I have decided to find a Nutritionist. I received wonderful advice from everyone, and you all agreed that I eat way too few calories. I've only been eating 8-900 calories a day, plus running and other exercise. Honestly, I was surprised to see that I was eating that little. It was not done on purpose! 
  Kim sent me a link to this YouTube video , and it really opened my eyes!! I realize now that my body has adjusted to the low caloric intake and the high calorie burn- and it has just stopped burning fat, my body is holding onto it, thinking that it's starving. Years of yo yo dieting and not eating enough has really messed me up. I hate that I've done that to myself. 
 But, every day is a new day and I'm going to start treating my body right and loving myself again. I'm a (huge) work in progress, but I am determined to get there and hopefully be able to help others who are or who have been in this boat!

 On my facebook page I asked for recommendations on a Nutritionist. I am just at a loss as to what to eat! I really feel like I need a menu, a plan. I received so much advice on great Nutritionists, and was told about a couple books that I will be getting this weekend; "Intuitive Eating" and "It starts with food".

  I will get this body going again, and will start treating it right. I'll be healthy mentally and physically, just the way God created me to be!

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