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Find Running Routes and Map Your Own

Posted Nov 15 2009 10:00pm

For the last couple years I’ve been using to create maps of my running routes. This has been particularly helpful when traveling because where I typically have no idea how far I’ve run. Mapmyrun is a pretty good website, but a few things have always annoyed me. joggling route

Problems with Map My Run

First, there are too many annoying pop-up ads that get in the way when trying to map a route. Second, the software moves slow and maps take too long to create.

I know these problems might be solved by joining their premium service but the truth is, it’s just not worth it to me. I often run the same routes so paying to create more maps as infrequently as I need to do it makes no sense. It also makes no sense that I have to pay them and they get the benefit of my mapping work for their system.

These annoyances have kept me open to other possibilities.

Walk Jog

Enter, a website I was recently introduced to at the Hot Chocolate 15K running expo. This site does everything Mapmyrun does, but with less annoying ads and a smoother software interface. I created my first run here. It is my standard 3 mile run I call the Courtland Loop.

In addition, Walkjogrun keeps a database of routes so you can see other routes near your location. I just discovered that there is a park near my house that is exactly 3 miles around. That would make a good joggling path one of these days.

One other feature that is interesting is a Route Elevation feature. It isn’t too useful in my city (Chicago is super flat) but when traveling, it could be helpful.

There are a couple of features that I hope they add.  For example, you should be able to create a Home address location so you don’t have to always type in your starting location.  Mapmyrun does this and I like it.  Also, they should have a search function so I can look up routes based on a keyword location.

Net Step

I’ve seen enough on Walk Jog Run that encourages me to switch. The only thing I really wish they had is a way to convert all the runs that I’ve already done on Map My Run to Walk Jog Run. That would make my conversion complete.

Do you use a system for tracking your running routes? What is it?

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