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Final Countdown and Social Media Roundup

Posted Feb 15 2013 6:02am
It's T-2 for the Brighton half marathon.

To be honest, I haven't worried about it too much. I haven't been driving myself crazy over pace or time or anything like that. Worrying hasn't done me much good in past races, so why bother now? Instead, I've continued my marathon-training plan and have only slightly scaled down my running and strength training this week to taper for Sunday's race.

Let's just see how it goes for a change, shall we?

This whole 'new life thang' has meant that I've been trying out new things, like different workouts, cooking tons of new recipes, solo-exploring and generally having a lot more time for myself. Sure, it can get a bit lonely, but so far I've enjoyed my time, especially as I've been much better about staying in touch with my friends and instead of hasty gossip sessions at lunchtime, I've had proper, long phone or Skype conversations.  Can't beat Skype for some adorable face-to-face time with the cutest (and chunkiest?!) niece ever.

Look at that cuddly face!!!
And no, that's not my sister, that's my mom, who, by the way, must not be blamed for my failed ballerina career but was only acting in my best interest. Apparently I was quite the whiny and over-dramatic six-year-old (nothing much changed there, ey?!) and complained about my hurting feet so much after each class, that she couldn't bear my bitching moaning adorable objections any longer and took me out of the class (and no, I wasn't coerced forced asked by my mother to write this after getting a nice little reminder per e-mail of that fact. Or maybe I was...).

Also, I've really gotten into my healthy living. There is so much guilt-free tastiness out there that I just had no clue about. Like I've said in a previous post , I catch on to trends way after everyone else. But hey, better late than never.

Healthy AND protein-laden brownies? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
I've got some cool posts planned for Two Itchy Feet over the coming weeks. Look out for the fat-post, the foodie post and hell, I might even start throwing in some of the recipes that I've had success with (judged on a G-satisfaction scale, which is rather demanding I will have you know!).

In the meantime, if you want more of Jen's Itchy Feet than just my rambling blog posts, or prefer more succinct updates, whether running, exercise, food or alien-sightings-related, here's a bunch of other ways of following my fantabulously mundane Two Itchy Feet existence :

Twitter: @Jens_Itchy_Feet

Hope to catch you on any of the above...

For now, my yoga mat is calling my name, followed by a trip to explore the local-health food shop.

Have a fabulous weekend, race strong if you are and, most importantly, have fun!!! 
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