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Fighter Fit and TRX at Redline Fight Sports with Tara Jean Weaver

Posted Feb 06 2013 6:25am

My friend wanted to head to Redline Fight Sports for a morning workout but had to cancel last minute because she wasn’t feeling well and has a work deadline.  I also have a work deadline coming up but since I wasn’t sick I stuck to it.  I NEED my endorphin fixes to keep me productive at work.  Though after yesterday, I was starting to not feel so good-my throat is scratchy and head a little clogged.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t catch the bug that is going around!

I got the the gym and checked in with .  I waited to see if my other friend Li would come. She’s not really a morning person but was going to try to join me for this adventure.  Li ended up sleeping late because her alarm didn’t go off.  It made me extra proud that I did make it to the class.  Admittedly, I debated not going but I couldn’t bail-I had already told Danielle from Redline that I was going to be there.

I met Danielle when I went to Redline with Kurt and Kim  and she was so nice that I creepily Facebook friended her.  I had asked her the other night if there were showers at Redline and what the situation was with shower supplies.  When she answered me back, she said she’d join me for the class!  She was going to try to get Jeovanny to join (the instructor I had for the class I met Danielle at), but he ended up wimping out (hope you are reading this Jeovanny!).  Danielle and I both said that if it weren’t for eachother, we wouldn’t have made it to the class!  We must have really been thinking alike because we both ended up wearing pink too!

Tara Jean Weaver was instructor for yesterday’s Fighter Fit and TRX class.  Tara said that this class was the fullest she has ever seen it!  She usually has 7 or so students but today she had about 15!  I think everyone knew Danielle and I were going to be there :)

Redline Fight Sports Fighter Fit with TRX

Tara started the class with us on the foam roller.  Oh foam roller, I haven’t spent time with you in a while!  Then we did some jump roping and got into the workouts.  Tara set it up so that we did a couple rounds of different circuits.  Because we had a lot of people and outnumbered the TRX equipment, she was sure to include some exercises that you didn’t need them for.  I never had down time and I always felt challenged.

This was my first time at the Redline “Fighter Fit” class and my first time doing TRX.  I loved it!  The TRX moves were tough.  I have been building up arm strength but I still have a lot of work to do.  The same goes for my hips.  I have built up a lot more strength since my hip overuse injury, but I could tell while doing some of the squats that I have some work to do.  My butt and inner thighs are definitely feeling it today!

I think one moment that I kind of laughed at after was when we did squats with a kettlebell.  Tara had prefaced that we should all use at least a 25 pound kettlebell for this move.  I had clearly forgotten this because I went over to do the move and grabbed a 20 pound bell.  One of the regulars there smiled and called me out saying I was cheating.  I didn’t understand what he meant at first so I looked really confused.  I finally realized and laughed.  I grabbed a 25 pound bell and started up again.  I am glad he called me out because I want to be sure to get the most out of my workout!  Plus, it is always nice to have someone there to push you.  That is one of my favorite things about Redline…it seems so easy to make friends and always someone there to encourage you to try a little harder.

After the workout was done, I talked with Danielle for a bit.  She said that if I ever was looking for a workout buddy to let her know.  She better be careful because I will find her and make her workout with me!  I had messaged Danielle yesterday afternoon and told her how tired I was, but I was glad I went.  She agreed that she was tired and she had told another newbie to the gym that she would join him for an AM class.   I love how great she is at making people feel at home at the gym!  Now I just have to get Dave to go back!  Once he’s done with all his exams, I’m sure he will need a good workout like those at Redline!


Do you ever have times you just don’t want to workout but having a friend waiting motivates you to get going?

Are you a morning or a night workout person?


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