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Festival Foods FTW!

Posted Mar 11 2010 12:00am

For the past five years of living on my own I’ve been quite loyal to Festival Foods when it comes to grocery shopping. Sure, I’ve tried other grocery stores, but I always end up coming back to Festival. I went to two other grocery stores today and once again Festival won out!

I stopped by Aldi’s to pick up some basic kitchen staples – flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. They had very little of what I needed. I never did find chocolate chips. I know Aldi’s has items that come and go, but really, chocolate chips? Who doesn’t have chocolate chips?!

After Aldi’s I still needed cream of tartar and chocolate chips so I decided to try out Gordy’s County Market – a local grocery store that apparently has good “pump perks” for gas. No thank you. I did get to sample some wine and cheese, but I couldn’t find anyone to help me. Well, I found two guys who worked in grocery, but neither one could find cream of tartar. I gave up. I left my basket of chocolate chips sitting there. I wasn’t grouchy at anyone, but I had to get back to work and I didn’t have time to wait around for some college kid to attempt to find a little jar of cream of tartar!

So, once again I have tried other grocery stores and Festival Foods came out on top. Later this weekend I’ll be going to Festival to pick up my chocolate chips and cream of tartar – both of which I will be able to find without any assitance because I have the whole stinking store memorized!

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