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Feeling Helpless

Posted Nov 26 2012 5:40am
Over the past 2 years we have been dealing with multiple GI issues with O, being someone who has food intolerances and also has dealt with the GI pain and issues similar to what I assume she is experiencing I feel awful as she is suffering.  I am writing this to express my frustration and in hopes that maybe there is another parent who has experienced a similar situation and can shed some light and offer advice. Those who don't want details of GI function and parenting be warned and step away now!

This all started shortly after birth when I was breastfeeding and O had many issues with foods I ate, after cutting out numerous things she improved somewhat but has always been slow to gain. As she began eating more she ate great but for a long time will eat and then lay on the couch complaining of pain and further back just cry :( She makes way too many bathroom trips daily, often barely making it in time. This can be 6+ times a day or even more, upwards of 15+ about a year ago. Her poor belly is huge and firm, f she was older pretty sure she'd look pregnant!

You can only imagine how difficult this made potty training! There are times when I know it is nearly impossible for her to make it to the bathroom. I worry about pre-school next year or now when I leave her at the gym childcare, what will happen?

It is awful watching your child in pain, We have spent numerous visits to GI doctors, undergone multiple blood and stool tests and all with only a few labs slightly elevated but without an answer. We left the doctor a few weeks ago, again with no real answer. I keep getting told she is developing fine so it is okay. The final push came on the way home from that appointment, a little voice from the backseat saying "need to go back to doctor, tummy still hurt. Why didn't doctor make it better?" Now if that doesn't make a mom feel helpless.

So after failed attempts at dairy free eating and no doctor answers I made the decision to do a gluten free trial. I remember how tough this was on me understanding why I had to avoid certain foods I can only imagine what she is thinking when I deny her the graham cracker she really wants. We are now on Day 2 and plenty stocked up on gluten free options. Although I am in need to pita chips, one of her favorites. Let's hope this gives us an answer.

Any great gluten free snack options that I have missed? Luckily for her I have been eating this way for awhile and have pretty good hang of it. 
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