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Feeling Better But Restarting Training Again

Posted Mar 29 2011 12:00am
Well my training for all practical purposes restarted today. After more than a week of being sick complete with coughing and hacking I feel much better today. Rolling out of bed before 5am this morning I got on the treadmill for the first time in almost 2 weeks. At first it felt strange all over again. The first half mile or so feel wrong. A lot of thoughts flooded through my mine like why am I up so early to do this? How do I think I can ever do a full marathon if I am struggling with a half mile? Just as soon as the feeling came they left and I had a good run after it was all said and done. I felt good about it and can wait until tomorrow morning to do it again. I guess you could say I’m back in the saddle or in this case running shoes again. Boy am I behind on the schedule and mileage. But at least I am feeling well again an now can try and get ready for the races coming up in the next month.

I do have a 5k this coming Sunday morning at the local minor league ball field. It should be a fun run to finish the race at home plate. Unfortunately none of my co-workers are running this one with me. It will be a solo run for me. Once I finish I immediately need to dash home, clean up and go to church. Should be a busy morning for me.

I decided that I would change the blog a little. I think due to the new role at work and just the lack to time in general I will not post daily. I will still try and post at least 4 times a week if not five. Trying to find time and come up with something creative daily is touch. I also have decided not to label the blogs any longer. No real need as most people would not understand that this is the number of days I have done this. So I see no real need to continue. In fact I may go back and remove the references tonight.  I’ve also added a couple of different Daily Mile widgets on the site. Now you can track the upcoming races and mileage without going to a separate page.

I also have looked at the remainder of the training schedule for the 20th time. I even did a whole new once based upon a coolrunning schedule I was given last year. It had fewer long ruins but the longer runs went to 24 miles before the marathon. After over thinking it for days I decided to stay with the original schedule and just tweak that one a little more. So I’ll get that up very soon.
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