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February Rewind ...

Posted Mar 01 2013 7:59am
Miles Run: 63.92 miles.

Bike Miles Rode: 79.9 miles. All on the trainer.

Swim Meters Completed: 12400 meters or 7.7 miles.

Rest Days Taken: 10. Taking a week off before 140.6 training began was probably the best decision I made all month.

Highest Run Mileage Week: 2/18-2/24: 20.6 miles

Highest Bike Mileage Week: 2/18-2/24: 34.4 miles

Highest Swim Volume Week: 2/18-2/24 and 2/25-2/28: 5000m or 3.1 miles

Long Runs Completed (10+ miles): 3. All two hour runs - My longest since the Seaside Half Marathon in October (otherwise known as the worst race of my life).

Current Book: Right now, I am reading Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by May. But I also finished a few other books in February. (Note: For those of you who have asked, if it's on this or any of my lists, I would recommend the book. If I don't like the story or the book doesn't grasp my attention, I don't bother finishing it, thus it wouldn't be listed here.) 

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Chbosky
  • Before I Fall by Oliver
  • Blind Spot by Ellen
  • Crossed by Condie
  • Days of Blood and Starlight by Taylor
  • Cleaning House: a mom's 12-month experiment to rid her home of youth entitlement by Wyma
  • The Host by Meyer
  • Pandemonium by Oliver
Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Jumpin' Jack Doritos. I probably haven't eaten Doritos in 10 years, but I saw this throwback flavor (which was my favorite as a kid) at the store the other day and I had to have them.

Current Colors: Charcoal Gray, Yellow and Pink
Current Drink: Hot tea with a touch of sugar. It's freaking cold here right now.

Current Song: Carry On - Fun.

Current Triumph: As much as it is killing me to do, I am eating 2800-3800 calories a day. I'm deathly afraid to get on the scale and other than the fact that I am constantly questioning the whole process, I do feel great and my workouts have been killer.

Current Goal: Be a better me. Each and every day. And tackle my 2013 To Do List head on.

Current Blessing: Health, happiness and love. I've got all three.

Current Excitement: I swam 12x100m @ 20 second intervals yesterday with an average lap time of 1:45. That's 12 seconds per 100m faster that I have ever swam ANY 100m. Not to mention a set of 12. It was kind of a big deal. And maybe I won't be the last one out of the water at Rev3 Cedar Point .

2013 To Do List:

  • 140.6. That is all. - Registered.
  • Make time for strength training. Don't let training loads eliminate strength workouts completely. And stick to strength training in a group, it keeps you accountable. - Yeah I kind of sucked at this in February. Only one true strength training session.
  • Switch to time-based/HR training. Despite my knowledge of training paces, I have a hard time sticking to them. I'm hoping this will help me train more effectively. - 59 days in and adjusting quite well.
  • Log 4,500 cumulative run, bike and swim miles. Up 485 from 2012. - As of March 1st, 328.54 miles logged.
  • Race a 10K with a finish time much faster than your very dated current PR of 53:17. I never managed to register for a 10K in 2012 and I'm not sure where it will fit in this year, but it's on my radar. - No progress on this one.
  • Set a new PR in the Half Marathon, currently 1:57:06. I totally blew this one in 2012 and will likely only have one good shot at it in 2013.- Registered for Flying Pirate Half in April.
  • Run a 5K with Dizzle and Doodle, even if that means tricking them into it. - The kids have been running quite a bit recently. Probably going to aim for the fall.
  • Eat like a gluten-free athlete. After struggling with health issues much of 2012, removing the gluten has been key in alleviating the symptoms. Don't be swayed by the lure of wheat. Or cake.- On point, like usual.
  • Find the race day (and training) nutrition plan that works for me.- Eventually ...
  • Consume no more than 18 desserts from Shyndigz . This number worked well in 2012 and helped me cut back on my serious cake addiction. Plus, their gluten-free menu is limited, so I shouldn't be tempted as often. - As of March 1st, 5 desserts consumed. I may have eaten more than one piece from my own birthday cake.
  • Drink at least 100oz of water per day.- Oh, heck yeah!
  • Only say yes to the projects you REALLY want to work on. An honest no is much better than a halfhearted yes. - Check.
  • Stick to our budget. We've lived credit card (and credit card debt) free for five months. No reason to go back now. - Double Check.
  • Ignore your impulses. Take time to process the true value of the things you are filling your space/life with. - Yes and no. Although TigerBlood rocks my socks, I am in the market for a sweet Quintana Roo ...
  • Figure out what to do with my hair. Keep the mohawk or grow it out. I'm taking opinions on this one.- I totally ate my words on this one. Thought I'd let it grow, but I had it trimmed last week. Oops!
  • Continue to balance family life, training and now, work.- Check.
  • Prioritize and be a good example for the people in your life. - Like quadruple check!
  • Help and support J and the kids in reaching their goals. We are a team and that must always be the primary focus of our lives. No one should have to sacrifice so that someone else can reach their goal. If a balance can't be found, it's not worth pursuing.- I would never waiver on this one!
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