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February Rain…brings March Blizzards?!

Posted Feb 11 2013 10:52am

In case you haven’t noticed through all of my “we have no snow” whining I’ll say it again. The Denver area is low on snow. As in, we haven’t had a big snow yet this season. But that isn’t to say we haven’t had any snow. But I’ll get to that. For now lets talk running, not weather. Or let’s reference the weather while talking about running. Man, I’m boring with all this weather talk!


This past Wednesday I spent the majority of my day holed up in the campus computer lab making myself crazy. Ever try learning how to efficiently and gracefully use the pen tool in Illustrator?! I’m determined to get good at it, eventually. Maybe. We had to complete a maze with the pen tool…enough said!

To avoid completely losing my mind I talked myself into a break and headed to the Boulder Running Company speed workout that goes down every Wednesday night. I wasn’t feeling all that speedy but I definitely wasn’t feeling patient or creative so running trumped Illustrator.

When I arrived at campus hours earlier it was a bit chilly but the sun was shining brightly. As I head up the stairs, out of the basement lab, I mentally searched my closet for my capris and a light zip up. It was going to be a good run. A fall run, if you will. Wishful thinking! As soon as I walked outside I started praying my running tights were not in the washing machine. It may have been 40 degrees – technically still capri weather – but it was steadily raining and the glorious sun had disappeared behind a wall of clouds.

Running in the rain

I had already told the group run leaders I was going to be there so I couldn’t bail. I could begrudgedly show up and threaten to walk out if they so much as mentioned “time trial” but I had to at least be there!

The rain didn’t stop. It died down a bit but it was persistent. I kind of regretted telling anyone my run plans! However, as soon as I rolled into the parking lot I knew it was worth the trip – I saw a crock pot of hot soup just inside the store. Unfortunately I kind of had to show my face AND run to get away with snagging a bowl of tasty homemade soup! For what it’s worth – the soup was worth it! Homemade deliciousness.

As we headed out for the actual run – after all the chatting and procrastinating – I swear it started to rain harder! Our group plan was to run a 1.4 mile warm up then do 2 minutes hard/1 minute easy repeats until we hit 20 minutes and follow it up with a cool down. I got really annoyed with my watch {basic sports watch, no Garmin – we are still broken up } so I gave up on the minutes intervals and went for 3 light poles on/1 light pole off.

My first speed lap of 1.4 miles lasted 12:13. I was happy with this – it wasn’t record breaking, but it wasn’t that far away from past time trials around the same lake. Rather than go for 20 minutes I decided I was going to aim for two laps – with the second being the same pace as the first. I calculated all of this in my head as I ran along counting off light poles – harder than it should have been but number bounce around in my head when I run. Plus, math is hard!

Lap two put me at 24:35 total, or 12:22 for just the lap. Not bad, only 9 seconds over! Go me!

Oh, and I should mention…it was pouring rain for the entire run. Not violently, but a steady downfall of rain. There was no dodging rain drops. Instead I plowed right through them and got soaked to the bone! It was cold, my gloves were soaked, my nose was dripping and water was running rivers down my face.

Had it been July this rain would have felt amazing. But it was February. Rain in February is cold and not very fun at all! By the time I was done running – about 40 minutes in the rain – I was completely soaked! On my way back into the store to snag soup I grabbed whatever clothing my car was harboring. My layers – all three of them – could have easily been wrung out into a full glass of water! Heck, my sports bra was soaked. Again, great fun in July but freaking freezing in February!

The soup was amazing, and thank goodness for the soup! Before long the post-run shivers kicked in and I was rather miserable! I finished up my night at BRC with a team meeting – yes, team meeting, but more on that later – then headed home for a hot shower!

Running in the rain...and snow

As I was leaving the store I realized the rain had stopped. Instead it was snowing! Big, fat, beautiful snowflakes! It was so pretty – this photo does a horrible job of depicting the fluffy glory of the snow but I blame the busted up smart phone! By the time I was crawling into bed the snow had stopped but I was giddy while it lasted!


Random Fact: Fred loves Culver’s as much as I do! I always save him bits of my chicken tenders – they are his favorite. But last night he got a little sassy and grabbed the whole damn tender in the 45 seconds I was out of the room! And, I realize this makes me a crazy cat person…so crazy, so sorry!

Culvers Frozen Custard Culvers Chicken Tenders

The Scoopie Kid’s Meals are the way to go – chicken tenders, fries, chocolate milk and a free scoop of custard…with hot caramel. I love Culver’s. I miss Culver’s. Anyone want to go in on opening a Culver’s in the SW Denver area? I have plenty of experience working in a restaurant and know their menu quite well…just sayin’!

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