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February Focus… Falling in Love with Me!

Posted Jan 31 2014 12:23pm
I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, but decided that I would choose a different area of  my life to focus on each month… things that need attention…  things that I want to become new and good habits, or things I need to learn more about, or give more time.
For the month of February, my project is ME!

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I have no excuses for my lack of self care lately…  although I sure was starting to come up with a few… good ones, too!  But really, I have just neglected so many areas of my personal care and health and I have finally hit the bottom.  It has been a downward spiral over the past several months.

Now, I have never been what I would call glamorous, or elegant… but I sure took great care of myself and took the time to tend to all the little details  that made me feel good… hair, teeth, skin, nails, lips, polished shoes, stylish outfit… you know what I mean.  I like to look well put-together, even if it is in a denim jacket and jeans.  Even when I was sailing for days on end, I made sure to take care of my skin and my hair, and have fun with my clothes.

But sadly, that girl seems to have left the building... or sailed away!  And I need to find her again.

Lately I pretty much ignore my hair because it needs a cut  and  I haven’t found a new hair stylist to go to while my tried-and-true one is on maternity leave (yes we give a whole year for maternity leave in Canada) so usually I haven't been bothering with makeup or even paying much attention to what I am wearing when I leave the apartment to go for a walk or to run errands.  I am always hoping that I don’t run into anyone I know.
Occasionally I do paint my nails but then let the polish get chipped and look ratty for days before I do them again.  You don’t  even want to see  my feet! I barely recognize this messy, unkempt person I see in the mirror, and I really can’t say I like her very much.
I put off getting some dental work done while I was waiting for test results to find out if I had a suppressed immune system.  I have since had the good news that things are fine on that front, but here I am, badly in need of dental hygiene and a check up.  My dentist is in our marina town, 20 miles away and I haven't taken the time to get there.

I could go on and on… but I won’t bore you.  I will say though, that I am taking inventory and making a list of things to do for myself in February.  The pity part is over. I am on a comeback!  It is hard to put forth a positive, confident front when you just don’t feel it.

February’s focus will be on self-care… the physical and the emotional. I am going to fall back in love with ME!

I have decided that each week I will make up a list of things I want to accomplish just for ME and keep track of how I am doing with them.  And I am going to make one specific challenge each week as well.  I was a bit shy about sharing all of this, but I really think it might be the only way I actually accomplish any of it.

At the top of the to-do list… the hair style. I have been looking over these pictures of me taken since 2008 and I am just not sure where I want to go with this. I had short hair all those years on the boat because it was easy to take care of... I could even blow it and style it in the wind on days we had no power,  and then I let it grow to shoulder length and since then have had it blunt cut and layered… but I know now it is just not ME, anymore,  and I need a change. But not sure…. hmmmm.


So here is my list for the first week of the month:

1. Make an appointment with a hair stylist 
  • print some pics to take along to new stylist

2. Outline and start a bedtime hygiene routine
  • list specific steps

3. Do a self-manicure4. Call the dentist and make an appointment for a check-up and for hygiene5. Re-establish lime water habit first thing in the morning6. Clean out makeup box and replace any items that are old
Challenge for the week:
Take care of hair, makeup and clothing before leaving the apartment for any reason!  

What kind of goals have you set for the month of February?  

Do you even feel like you are just coasting and not really putting in much effort taking care of yourself?

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