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Posted Mar 20 2013 6:15am
I fear the track.

But that also means that it's one of my most gratifying type of workouts.
track party of one

Seemingly impossible while I'm doing it; best feeling ever (mixed with a little disbelief) when I'm done.

It's clear that I'm intimidated by speed work:  I've only run on a track maybe 3 or 4 times in my entire life?  And that includes Monday.

Monday, I ran- to a track that's 3 miles away from my home (warm up)
-1 X 1600 (followed by easy 800 jog)
-2 X 800 (easy 400 jog after each)
-3 X 400 (easy 200 jog after each)
-back home from from the track, 3 mile cool down

...for a total of 10 miles.

Somehow I hit my goal paces
I still need some practice at using my Garmin at the track, it's hard to remember to hit that darn 'lap' button.

So far this year, I'd been happily obliging to my physical therapist's advice to NOT do any speed work...but now that my proximal hamstring tendon isn't angry (only a smidge temperamental for a few seconds after I get out of my car), I am "allowed" to do "some speedwork" as long as it feels OK.  And it felt OK so maybe I'll try some more again in a week or two.

Do you love or fear speedwork?
I have mixed feelings about it.  I love it and I fear it.  I feel so alive and intense when I'm pushing myself during speedwork, but it is intimidating and I therefore tend to avoid it (which is of course the wrong attitude to have!)
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