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Favorite Pre-Long Run Meal?

Posted by Alison Barkman, MS, RD Healthy Living Professional

I've had years to experiment with what does and absolutely DOES NOT settle well in my gut before a long run. I've found a toasted bagel with a little bit of jelly is best, maybe a banana as well. I try to stick with mostly carbohydrates before a long run. Too much protein or fat will give me terrible cramps during the run. Sometimes a little bit of peanut butter on the bagel is okay, but it would have to be AT LEAST a good 3 hours before I run. And I would think a couple waffles or pancakes with syrup would be an excellent fuel source, but I don't usually have the time. It would have to be the good old "white flour" type and not high fiber/whole grain; that would also aggravate the gut. What is your favorite pre-long run meal?
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you are gonna laugh, but ramen noodles. It has water, salt, and carbs. I like to eat this before long races as well, as I find it is easier to eat something warm, watery, and salty so very early in the morning. I make it with more water than required. Plus if you are traveling for a race and find yourself in a hotel, the in room coffee maker is great to heat the water for the ramen. I am just not a morning person, so if I can get my water and food at one time it seems easier to take.
I like a banana and a handful of dry cereal. Maybe a slice of whole wheat bread. Sometimes I eat something that my stomach doesn't like, and it takes me about 4 miles before my stomach settles down.
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