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Fat Foods That Are Healthy

Posted Jan 11 2010 11:41am

I absolutely love this girl.

In my opinion, she has the most desirable body on this planet (although Gisele could give her a run for her money)





1, 2

Hots and Fits, today has been tough. Very tough. Its that time of the month, and for me, its very very difficult.


I also went crazy this afternoon with a bunch of my friends and run in the snow. I was wearing jeans and knee-high boots so it wasn’t that disastrous. It only lasted 10 minutes and it was exhausting. There was 30 cm worth of snow.

I spent 1 and a half hours commuting this morning. Wow. Just wow. And saw about 5 car accidents on the way. People need to be more careful.


This morning started off with INSANITY’s Pure Cardio (I realise I am going in reverse here. Oh well) I was actually planning on doing another workout in the afternoon but it just not happening.

Instead I have read People Magazine and found out that Michael Buble is engaged to an Argentinian actress called Luisana Lopilato who used to be my childhood’s celebrity obsession.




I partly owe to her telenovelas the fact that I can speak Spanish. Yes, in case I have not bragged about it before, I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I learned it all from watching telesoaps since I was 10 years old. I am sad, but I also rock.


After I was finishing with PEOPLE I went on to more educational material and read an interesting article about fats. Since fats used to freak me out (I still don’t touch Peanut butter) I listed to the top 10 healthy fat foods I know of and how I eat (or, for some, would eat) them.

Oxymoron? No, not really.


You guys have any fats you like to eat? Or do you think my assessment is too insane? I am fine with that, too!


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