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Farts on You Ankle

Posted Mar 01 2012 7:57am

One of the worst things about running is that it’s really easy to get injured.  Run too much: injured.  Bad running style: injured.  Twist your ankle on a run: injured.  There are infinite ways to get injured and it really sucks.  The past few weeks I’ve had something weird going on with my right leg.  I didn’t mention it it anyone cause I didn’t think much of it.  At first it was just that my achilies was tight.  I took the week easy, skipped a short run or two and cut back on my long run.  The next week I did the same thing.  Right now however my achiles feels fine it’s my ankle that has decided to hate me.

Why of why do you hate me so?

I’m not sure if it’s an inflamed tendon that’s angry at me for running so far or if I twisted my ankle a bit at chick’s night but it hurts.  Too much time has been spent on WebMD self diagnosing myself with things I know I don’t have (what I might the bird flu? noooo!).  I’ve been icing, taking ibprophen and trying really hard to not put any weight on it.  Needless to say there will be no long run this week.

Do you want to know how I feel about this? Devastated.  Even though it could just mean I need a week or two off, I of course am acting like it’s the end of the world.  Poor PartyDog is the one having to deal with me constantly yelling I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO RUN AGAIN  or crying and saying NO I’M NOT GOING TO THE DOCTOR! WHAT IF THEY TELL ME I CAN’T RUN??  As you can see, I’m really fun to live with.

So the plan is to stay off it this week, just do some easy stationary bike at the gym, ice it like crazy and take off from running for a full week.  I’m trying to stay positive but to be honest, it’s really hard emotionally and physically when you are in the midst of marathon training and your body just starts to rebel against you.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am an extremely positive person so waking up every morning angry at the world that I still feel pain in my ankle really is not making my life any better. I also need to work on not giving every runner I see the stink eye, if I can’t run they should still be able to …right?

Thanks baby

Farts on you ankle! Anyone had something similar happen?  Can someone magically make it better??

And in more important news! Today our love is finally legal! J.BIEB’s magical 18th birthday is today! No more hiding our love Justin, we can wild and free. (ps. I forgot to mention I gave up J.Bieb for lent, it’s been really hard thus far :( ..)

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