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Farewell, Long Run Sunday, Farewell!

Posted Aug 20 2012 12:00am
I'm writing this to you from the beyond... Well, maybe not quite. I'm prolly still somewhere in Italy, trying to get back to Milan to catch my flight home after having survived (barely?! I'm taking a guess here...) the weekend's wedding festivities. But I didn't want you to feel despondent and forgotten about without a Monday post, so, clever and considerate cookie that I can be, I wrote this last week and scheduled it JUST FOR YOU! (You're welcome. I love you too.)

As you know, with a bit of creative day-arranging in the last two weeks, i.e. moving my Sunday to a Monday, I've thus far been able to stick to my half-marathon training program as planned out by Alan, SB running coach. 

I've managed every single session and stuck to the mileage as laid out. Every once in a while a Friday tempo run came in a mile shorter (still sticking to the tempo miles), but instead I've often added on a mile or two (or three!) on a Tuesday run, so I think that I come out even.

G's been cajoled into coming out with me more and more often to set my pace, which I only seem to be able to maintain with him there, otherwise failing miserably. 
So far, so good. There are eight weeks of training remaining and I've already got my mileage up to 10 miles for the longest run (see Monday's legendary post-work run!). 'So where's the problem, buttercup?' you might ask? 
Well, lemme tell you.
I am now faced with not only one, not two but, alas, three weekends where I'm pretty sure that there's no way in hell that I can get in a long run. This is not due to lacking motivation, but simply because being away hinders you from getting in that run (as do late-nights out, too much booze and Ryanair's luggage restrictions!). 
I've been wrestling with increasing anxiety about this. When my well-laid-out fitness plans face interruption, I just don't know what to do with myself... I'm sure I'll be able to make my scheduled runs during the week, but I also know that those long weekend runs are quite important to maintain my stamina and get my legs ready. Suddenly missing out on three consecutive 10-milers can't be good for my training, right? 
My anxiety face. OK, maybe I also smell a little bit...
So, what to do??? I'm really a bit at a loss here. To top it all of, some of the weekend shenanigans mean three-day weekends, which are, in themselves, the most fun way of spending a weekend, however, they also mean that I can scrap my turn-Monday-into-Sunday strategy. Unless I turn my Tuesdays into Sundays, but what does that mean for the rest of the week? My head's hurting already.

I would love it if the universe were to grant me an extra day per week. Pretty please! I'm not being unreasonable, I mean, I'm only asking because I want to get in my training and get it done properly. Thanks.
Then I saw this. As you know, I respond well to motivational posters. They make me feel good about myself. And who doesn't like feeling good about themselves?

Source: via Fitness on Pinteres
'tis true. Who says I can't get my long run in while away? Who says I can't run around Lake Como for a Saturday morning training run? [OK, so maybe not. I just googled Lake Como and it's in fact humongous. But ya know what I'm trying to say!] Who says I can't get up while at my parents' house and go for a 10-miler? In fact, the added bonus will be that I could run to some yummy breakfast place and have them meet me there. I'd get in a good run AND they'd buy me breakfast! And best of all, my parents being my parents, they definitely wouldn't be embarrassed being seen in public with sweaty me (unlike a certain husband of mine!). Cause that's how they roll.

So there, enough with the anxiety. In fact, in your face, anxiety! I'll tear down those walls and get 'er done. A'ight?!

How do you deal with time constraints and interruptions to your training schedule? Can lost miles ever really be made up? 
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