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Falling in love

Posted Jun 11 2013 9:14am
Being an injured runner I find myself with extra time on my hands.  Running, getting ready to run, taking the kids somewhere, etc can often consume up to three hours of my day when you account for driving time, visiting time, etc, etc.

Since I have been not running very much, if at all I have cleaned out my kids rooms and got rid of toys they no longer play with and clothes that are too small. I planted my garden in record time and yesterday shampooed all the carpets in my house.  My kids have also started swim lessons for the summer and so when I take them to that it sucks another two hours out my life. I wish they had some adult lessons too!

Yesterday I went for a 10 mile bike ride and it felt great, if my quad started to bother me I just backed off on the pace and intensity.  Best bike ride I have had in years, I think I loved it so much because I haven't been doing much in the way of cardio and it just felt so good to move! I might be developing a love affair with my bike, although don't tell my bike it will probably get dropped like a hot potato once I can run like a rockstar again.

I also gave in and joined Zuzka's Zgym.  I will probably drop it eventually because I HATE monthly fees that I don't need to have, but I have been a follower of hers so long and I had extra time on my hands after I shampooed the carpets I just gave in and joined.  My kids both went to spend the night at my sister's house so I didn't even have the kids to distract me. I guess I could have been cooking supper... that was next.

Most of her workouts have a lot of jumping type involve the quads a lot type moves so I may have to modify to what my right leg can handle.  I do love her workouts though I credit them with making my a stronger faster and mentally tougher runner. She completely changed the way I worked out at home and I started following her over three years ago when she was on

If you haven't read this yet, stop everything and do it, especially if you have a daughter.
So powerful and true! 

My favorite was the last part
Your body is perfect too. It allows you to disarm a room with your smile and infect everyone with your laugh. It gives you arms to wrap around Violet and squeeze her until she giggles. Every moment we spend worrying about our physical ''flaws'' is a moment wasted, a precious slice of life that we will never get back.
Let us honour and respect our bodies for what they do instead of despising them for how they appear. Focus on living healthy and active lives, let our weight fall where it may, and consign our body hatred in the past where it belongs. When I looked at that photo of you in the white bathing suit all those years ago, my innocent young eyes saw the truth. I saw unconditional love, beauty and wisdom. I saw my Mum.

Love that.  Such a great reminder that my daughter looks to me on how to think about herself.
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