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Posted Dec 06 2012 8:08am

Ok….so this post might get a little weird. But then again aren’t they all? No but really, this might get creepy.

So I’m kinda sorta obsessed with eyebrows.  Now when I say obsessed, I really mean it. I freak out over my eyebrows on a regular basis (sorry friends who constantly have to hear about my eyebrow drama…) and I’m constantly staring at other peeps brows.  I have a good reason to obsess over mine though-shall I remind you how animalistic I am in my natural state of beauty?

We aren’t here to talk about my hair, busted teeth or fabulous sense of style, we need to talk about those brows. Or should I saw BROW. Naturally having such thick eyebrows means I am unable to do anything with them myself so I have been getting them waxed since I was 16. I literally cannot pluck my own eyebrows- it’s sad.

So I rely on others to wax them. I put my trust in someone’s hands to shape the one thing on my face that could make me look a little less busted or a lot more. Needless to say I’ve had my fair share of horrible experiences.

When I was in high school, thin eyebrows were in:

Or at least that’s what I told myself since the lady at the nail salon who waxed them did whatever she wanted despite what I asked for. So, I go off to college and decide to let them grow out a bit but what I really wanted was for them to be droopy:

I then decided I actually didn’t like the droopy look and opted for some with no shape what so ever.

I still can’t believe I met the Prez with my eyebrows like this. Hopefully he doesn’t remember them. Then I moved on to wanting a little shape, so with what little hair I had left, I went back to super thin:

With extra oily skin.

I sadly do not have any pictures saved on my new computer of when I had sperm eyebrows, or one eyebrow that was completely different from the other, but trust me both were worse than my natural BROW.

SO, that brings us to now-to this weekend, when I finally got my eyebrows waxed in a way that I love them. I’ve got some big ole brows yes, but if I could have any brows I fancy, I would have these thick, beautiful Kim Kardashian ones:

Seriously, how dreamy are those? I would die if I had those on my face. Sadly I cannot have her’s, but what I can tell you is I finally found a waxer who gets what I’m looking for.  These are as Kardashian as my brows will ever get (get ready for a creeper picture…).

They don’t look like much, but trust me, they make me so happy. I even got three compliments at work the day after getting them done! She is still having me grow them out a tad more but these are basically the shape I’ve always dreamed of in eyebrow heaven.  The world thanks me for my eyebrow obsession because it makes me a little more pleasant to look at…which is obvi much needed.

If you’re in the Chicago area, please do yourself a favor and visit Nadia at Stuite 120 . She’s da bomb.

I feel weird after this post. Do you?

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

What’s your weird beauty obsession?

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