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Extra, Extra - Run All About It

Posted Aug 04 2009 5:34pm

Extra ExtraBy Peter Washkowitz

Dear readers, let' s take a look back at the week in running:

* As reported on on July 27, for those runners out there that find running on a treadmill insufferably boring, they need look no further than the St. Louis Zoo. Lined with exotic animals who would love nothing more than to devour any and all paying customers, the zoo' s walking paths offer incline upon incline that will give most visitors a better workout than any treadmill could, "The abundance of inclines alone will make your treadmill at the gym jealous. ' But dear treadmill, you just don' t understand. At the zoo I actually go somewhere and get to see something! And my legs are just as tired as they would be had I walked with you' ". Well, I suppose nothing gets you more motivated to run than an 800 pound gorilla chasing you with its teeth poised to get to your more meaty sections!

* As reported on on July 29, the citizens of Tulsa, Oklahoma are either devoted running enthusiasts or devoted cheaters. Beginning last October, the program offered members an interweb site where they could log on and input their daily exercise mileage from running, walking, swimming, and cycling. Nine months later, with almost 2,200 active members, Tulsa citizens have logged an impressive 600,000 miles and are determined to run their way to a million miles. Assuming these members are being completely truthful with their exercise data, the citizens of Tulsa should be commended for their devotion and commitment to running. Maybe, for our next trip, my dopeness wife CVSW and I will head to Tulsa so I can help put the city over the million mile mark.

* As reported on (Orange County, California) on July 30, it seems that the Athletic Republic facility (an organization dedicated to improving athletes' performance, Athletic Republic has facilities across the country where Olympians, professional and even children go to improve in their chosen sport) in Santa Ana has found yet another use for a treadmill. With an ice-like surface that allows its users to wear ice skates, the facilities hockey treadmill is aimed at teaching players to skate more efficiently. With the treadmill able to reach an incline of 32-percent and go as fast as 16mph, Pat Polen, Principal and Co-Chairman of the facility, told reporters that, "We have two ways to make kids faster...We can cycle faster and increase the incline, or they can take longer strides, which is how you really get faster". This article is just another in a long line of articles demonstrating the multitude of ways treadmills can be used for non-running activities ( horses, dogs, Nascar stock cars, etc...). I wonder if the treadmill, when set at its highest incline, can be used to simulate sledding downhill!

* As reported in the Pasadena Star-News on July 31st, when 30-year Pasadena Fire Department deputy chief Calvin Wells turned 50-years old this past Friday, he wanted to celebrate by doing a run. While his run may not have been particularly far in distance, I' m sure it certainly have him a great runners' high. You see, dear readers, rather than running along a path, Wells ran up and down all 2,464 steps of the famed Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California in a swift 53 minutes. Upon concluding the ' festivities' , Wells reported that he felt good and that, "It was a milestone birthday and a prime time in life to set a new fitness standard". Happy birthday, Mr. Wells!!! For your 51st birthday, maybe you should try running up and down the stairs while holding a fireman' s hose. At least you won' t get dehydrated!

Next Weekend' s Marathons

Saturday, August 8th
Crater Lake Marathon (Klamath Falls, OR)
Extraterrestial Full Moon Mightnight Marathon (Rachel, NV)
Loop The Lake Marathon (Invermere, BC)

Sunday, August 9th

Drake Well Marathon (Titusville, PA)
The Center Haulin' Apsen Trail Marathon (Bend, OR)
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