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Exciting News

Posted Jan 25 2011 1:00pm
Before I get to some pretty exciting news (for me), let me just tell you about my workout this morning.


Some of you asked why I would get up at the horrible hour of 4am. Well, that's what time hubby gets up for the gym. He works out from 5-6:15 in the gym and then from 6:30-7:30 with his battery or platoon in Army PT. I enjoy working out with him in the mornings so I end up going with him to the gym and usually just staying until he is done with his PT. Yes, I'm tired. We usually hit the sack at around 8:45 or 9 and sometimes take an hour nap later on in the day if we are super tired.

My workout this morning consisted of
  • 45 minutes on the elliptical at a resistance 10 for over 5 miles
  • 5 minute cooldown
  • 15-20 minutes of weights
  • 4 miles in 36:00 followed by a 1.75 mile walk
I still had a bit of time to kill before hubby was picking me up so I just changed clothes and played on my iphone. I could not workout anymore. I was starving!

We came home and I whipped up a really quick and easy breakfast while he showered and got ready for work. We scarfed down some food and he went on his way to do whatever it is he has to do. His last day of work is this Friday! Then he has one glorious and well-deserved month off.

 I just don't feel right if I don't start my morning off with some fruit. I prefer red apples... what about you?

This whole salsa on eggs thing is going to be an addiction. I can feel it already.

Now onto my news.

So I'm working on my MA degree in History for fun. Yeah, who does a MA degree for fun, right? Well, I do. I love it. I'm not looking to get some job out of it and instead am just enjoying studying, writing papers, reading, etc. But it's not practical and I know that. I have an undergrad degree and I spent a few years teaching and realized early on that teaching is not for me. I was gung-ho at the start and then the passion faded and there is nothing worse than a teacher without a passion for teaching... am I right or am I right?

So with that said, I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past few months. I have been exploring my options and what my heart is pulling me towards. Ever since I lost a lot of weight and discovered running and working out, my heart has been pulling me towards the healthcare field. The program leads directly to a job and in this economy, that's a huge bonus. I'm not ready to just say what my plans are because they aren't 100% solidified yet. But it's looking good and I feel happy and excited about this decision. I am still going to work on finishing my MA degree part-time. So instead of 18 months to finish the program, I will be looking at about 2-2.5 years with the part-time study. Not bad.

All I have to do now is do a program change for the post 9/11 bill (hubby transferred his education benefits over to me) and I will be on my way in the next few months.

I feel happy. Relieved. Excited.

Life is good :)
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