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Evolution of Road Rash

Posted Jul 05 2010 2:37pm

My face is healing up, remarkably fast. I’ve been taking photos of the face wounds each day and it’s surprising to me how big the changes are from day to day. It did get a little worse before it got better. I still have scabs on my right wrist and right shoulder, my knees are super bruised… those seem to get a little uglier each day, and my lips still shed a layer of skin every single day. They got really swollen for a few days, I couldn’t eat anything unless it was soft and in a spoon, or came through a straw.

I put Neosporin + Plus Pain Relief Cream on the wrist wound, it immediately started to burn/sting/ooze. So I rinsed it off and I’ve been using prescription Biafine on my wounds. I’ve been applying A&D ointment to the crusty areas as the scabs start to get ready to fall off, as well as on my lips. I’ve been using Orajel on the wounds inside my mouth. And I’m rubbing some Bio-Oil on the newly exposed skin in hopes of preventing too much scarring. All of that seems to be a combination that works for me.

I’m doing really well now. There may be some permanent scarring, but hopefully they’re just little life tattoos that remind me to take care of myself.

Face Road Rash Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10

Side note: These self-portraits would be so much easier to take if I had the new iPhone 4 with the front-facing camera. Just sayin’…

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