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Everything You Never Wanted To Know About My Weekend

Posted Jul 14 2013 4:09pm

Happy Sunday! I just finished working at the NYC Triathlon – I’ve been up since 4AM cheering on my TNT participants who raised over $1 million for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It was a ridiculously hot but super inspirational day. I was actually jealous of everyone jumping into the Hudson to swim – definitely adding this race to my “to-do” list for next year! (Did I mention there’s a great current? You could float and PR.) Now I’m back in my office, waiting for our “victory party” tonight. All I can think about is showering and sleeping, but it’s pointless to go all the way back to NJ when I have to be back in the city in a few hours.


Nice day for a swim down the Hudson!

As for my weekend workouts: we had a team dinner on Friday night so I didn’t get home until close to midnight; therefore I allowed myself to sleep in until about 8:30AM on Saturday instead of going to practice at 7:30AM. I need rest to do these long rides!

Our beautiful dinner. (See? I really was working late, I promise!)

Our beautiful dinner and amazing athletes. (See? I really was working late, I promise!)

However, on the weekends, I feel extremely guilty if I don’t do my workout first thing in the morning. Even though I know I’ll do it later, why does it make me feel so apprehensive to workout in the afternoon? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?

Case in point: When I finally woke up, it was rainy. The road was clearly wet. I preferred to stay safe and not ride in the rain. The forecast showed sun in a few short hours. But I felt like such a slacker; sitting inside, drinking coffee like a normal human on a Saturday morning. There is nothing wrong with that. But apparently, it’s ingrained in my head that SATURDAYS ARE FOR LOTS OF EXERCISE. Evidently I need to wake up early, follow my tried and tested fuel plan, and then go off on my merry, sweaty way…if only to ensure that I take advantage of every single hour of daylight to do productive things like clean. And shower. And do laundry. You know, all those things you have no time for during the week.

So, I decided to go for a nice little swim while waiting for the rain to clear. I ended up swimming in the outdoor pool at my gym for about 45 minutes because hey, you can swim in the rain right? I have no idea how far I went, I just swam. It was so nice to be thinking about something other than counting laps, by the way. I solved so many problems. (Not really.) But Garmin, whenever you want to sponsor me with a Forerunner 910XT  that would be fantastic.

After all of that excitement, I saw the sun peeking out so I made a quick trip to REI to grab some nutritional goodies for my bike ride.

My drink of choice!

Carbs make me a happy triathlete.

I rushed home, got all suited up in my bike gear, walked out the door…and it was drizzling again. Sigh. I realized I needed to put air in my tires anyway so I did that, and suddenly the sun was out again. Fab. You’re a little indecisive, weather, but fine. Off I went.

10 minutes in, buckets of rain starting falling from the sky. THE WEATHER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LYING TO ME A LOT LATELY.

Running in the rain? YES PLEASE. Biking in the rain? No thank you.

Running in the rain? YES PLEASE. Biking in the rain? No thank you.

As I rode away from the clouds, it got much dryer. For the first 30 minutes, I debated back and forth on whether I should call it a day or not. I kept going and eventually make the executive decision to go for the full 3 hours. (Taper week! Woohoo!) I was feeling sprightly (such a fun word!), my average speed was higher than normal, and I was actually smiling on the bike. (I know, GASP!) Shortly after, however, my dreams were dashed. I heard the dreaded wooshing sound again…and suddenly my front tire was totally flat. NOT IDEAL. I pulled over, found a huge gash in the tire, and determined that it was beyond repair. I am the worst cyclist ever and didn’t have an extra CO2 cartridge (read: thing that puts air into a tire way faster than using a tiny pump), but honestly I don’t think it mattered anyway.

After staring at the tire for about 5 minutes and debating whether I should attempt to change it, I finally called my roommate Aaron to come save the day. I have Indiana Jones to thank – Aaron said he would have been out at the farm (which is 30 minutes the opposite way) if he hadn’t had been sucked into watching it. Brendan was out of town, so I guess it was my “lucky” day, all things considered. On the bright side, I’ll have two new tires for raceday!

This isn't related to anything, it's just the cutest thing ever.

This isn’t related to anything, it’s just the cutest thing ever.

Without enough time to go to the bike store, replace the tire, and finish my ride, I decided to do my run scheduled for Sunday, because I knew I’d be working at the NYC Tri all day. So, I rounded out my Saturday with an awesome 10 mile run, completing a nice mini-triathlon for myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish what I started on the bike tomorrow, but I’m doubtful I’ll be able to replace my tire before work. Poll: is a spin bike even a comparable option? I JUST got a new back tire (okay, Brendan got it for me, thanks B!) and don’t want to wear it down on the trainer right before IMLP. 

Semi related: I recently discovered triathlon podcasts and listed to “Zen and the Art of Triathlon” for the entire run – it made the time pass so quickly! Instead of being stuck inside my own head, thinking for 10 miles (which is lame when you’re me) I essentially had someone else talking to me the entire time. It was actually one of my better recent runs, even with the swim and bike earlier in the day. Plus, I’m finally finding a teensy bit of the speed I had pre-stress fracture!

So, here we are. One less weekend of training.  Countdown is at 13 days. (OH MY GOD THIRTEEN DAYS? I just did a double take. Is that right?!) And now you know every boring detail about my weekend. I’ll be surprised if you made it this far. Apparently the quality of my blog content decreases as my workout volume increases.

How was your weekend? Any races? What are your favorite podcasts?

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