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Everyone could use a little jump roping in their life...

Posted Dec 19 2010 12:00am
As mentioned in my earlier post, I went to meet my friend and co-worker, Julie, for a workout.  The plan was to run a few miles and swim a few laps.  Unfortunately, she forgot her suit, so swimming was not an option :( 

We headed to the treadmills and started off.  Like I said, my goal is 8:00- 8:30 minute miles (while tacking on more miles, thus consistently staying in this range for several miles at a time.  My current pace is closer to 9:00 - 9:30).  I ran a total of 3 miles in 24.48.  The first mile I started off a little slow, the second mile I sped up, and the last mile, I tried to kick it into high gear.  Overall, I was decently satisfied.  I feel more confident that the next 5k I run, I'll be able to run it in closer to 24-25 minutes.  The last one I did, my chip didn't work, but my clock time was 27.21 and when I checked the variance of my friend's clock to chip, it was about a 20 second difference (we started off together).  Therefore, I finished in roughly 27 minutes. 

Anyway, we finished up and Julie admitted that she felt close to throwing up and may have possibly threw up a little in her mouth when she first started (ewww, sorry jules).  She hasn't been running regularly recently, so her body wasn't used to it, but she still rocked it and ran a few solid miles! 

We finished up and did a quick spin on the bikes for 15 minutes, then finished up with some quick stretching and crunches. 

All in all, pretty successful workout and puts my weekly mileage at 16.1.  It's definitely a start for preparing me for 2011!

Now onto the stir fry!

My boyfriend, Ryan and I made homemade stir fry in our wok we bought at Ikea (can't beat $4.99!).  It was delish!  Here are some pics of the meal :)

This was mine as we were about to cook it.  I had: red skin potatoes, pineapple, chicken breast, green peppers, carrots, bean sprouts, and pasta.  Yum!

This is the finished product (note: I didn't even finish half this, it'll be lunch tomorrow too)

Here is Ryan's before he cooked it.  He had: steak, chicken, green peppers, red skin potatoes, carrots, and noodles:

This is his finished product (sorry, it's blurry):

And here's our wok:

I forgot to mention that we both used a teriyaki sauce on ours, though we would like to try a new one sometime to spice it up.  Ryan also added cayenne pepper to his.  What kind of home made stir fry do you like?  I'd love to find some good, new recipes to try!

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