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Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend...

Posted Mar 05 2010 6:56pm

I just had the most ridiculously long week of work EVER! BUT today was absolutely beautiful, after work I put in an easy 7 miler, sans gloves AND hat! :) I LOVE ending the work week on a sun-shiny day! The weather is calling for 40+ degrees all weekend up on the Lake, and I'm pretty excited!!! I have a 16 miler to do on Sunday, I'm looking forward to this run, and the possibility of rockin' my favorite pair of running shorts.

Another thing I plan on doing, is finishing the book 'The Kind Diet' by Alicia Silverstone. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years or so, and this past year I have come to the realization that my body does not appreciate dairy products. I have known for years that I can not have any sort of latte using skim or 2% milk, I always have to pay the extra 40 cents or more for my soy milk. But I was always able to consume cheese, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate milk and skim milk, no problem. Just this past year, I have narrowed it down that every time I consume dairy, I feel AWFUL, I can't even begin to describe it, it is utterly horrible and disgusting. So, I have decided to cut out all dairy from my diet, and I have felt great since doing this! 'The Kind Diet' encourages an animal-free way of eating, and is filled with some fabulous-sounding recipes that I can NOT wait to try! Check out Alicia's Kind Life blog, it is wonderful! (

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