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Every Day One More

Posted Jun 16 2010 12:00am

Who hasn't messed up their knee at some point?  Well, okay, probably a lot of you.  BUT every day I run into someone new who messed up their ACL or knee in general requiring surgery.  I think I'll start blogging about them more.  If I were keeping count that would be interesting!

While at the gym yesterday a guy came up to me who had his ACL done 6 years ago then blew out his other knee.  They opted not to fix the second one.  He said he is still very active and his repaired knee is awesome and his other one is a bit wobbly.  He actually did the spinal thingy and was able to stay awake and watch the surgery.  Yikes.  I don't think I could do that!  After the gym I went to the Greek place nearby and the woman there said she blew out all 4 of her knee ligaments many many years ago and had them all replaced.  Then she blew out her ACL in her other knee and had that one done.  She's not too active these days (she's older though).

When you where the big brace around people take notice apparently and the next think you know you are talking to someone else who messed up their knee.  Most the injuries so far have been non impact from people I've talked to.  Many of them have been from skiing.


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