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every cloud has a silver lining

Posted Sep 12 2009 12:00am

Just yesterday I was joking with my coworkers about the ridiculous topics that the SAT and GRE make you write about and how we could never imagine actually writing a practice essay on said topics. Well I am not studying for the GRE and in no way do I want the following graded by ETS, but when I think back on the events of this morning the most clichéd topic of all came to mind. So I present you with...every cloud has a silver lining.

Storm clouds blanket the sky and rain pours down in the early hours of the morning. Dreary outside, but rather a different mood indoors as I woke up feeling alarmingly refreshed for the 5:00am that my iPhone glowed back at me. I got dressed, ate my 1.5 slices of whole wheat bread and almond butter and was out the door to meet my two friends Stephanie and Lauren in the cab they were picking me up in. We then had one more stop to pick up our other friend, Lindsey, before getting dropped off at the Columbus Circle subway station. It was dark and rainy and would have been a bit scary walking alone. Little did we know what we had in store for us.

The 1 train is supposed to be the train that takes us up to Van Cortlandt Park. We wait on the track for the 1 train, but a 2 local train rolls up instead. Number 2 trains are not supposed to stop on that track in Columbus Circle so we think it is the 2 train acting like the 1 train for the weekend. Weekend schedules are always so messed up! We are on the train for over an hour when we finally get to the end on the line and realize that we are not at all where we want to be! It had in fact been the 2 train and we are on the corner of White Plains Road and 241st St. As we exit the station we enter a dark and rainy world where random unmarked taxis are crowded around as their drivers leer at us and try to get us to get in the car with them. We are lost, scared and wet at this point and probably look all of the above too. I suggest walking and we try to figure out where we are...then I try calling the TFK number to ask for help. No answer. A bottle goes sailing through the air and lands near us. That is the last straw. We go back into the station and wait for the train that we just came on to take us back to Manhattan. There is absolutely no way we are going to make it before practice is over and we all sit in silence in the train, completely demoralized. Three hours later, we are back to where we had started.

Stephanie, Lauren and I ended up running the 12 miles in Central Park. Despite the traumatic events of the morning, it was a beautiful day to run. We ended up running an average pace of 9:20 min/mile with the last three miles averaging 8:30 min/mile. The best part was at the end I felt fantastic and the Honey Stingers were the best gels I have ever had! I felt like I could keep running forever. :) After the run, Lindsey cooked yummy food and we relaxed on her sofa. Great run, great discoveries and great friends—the silver lining.

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