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Escape From Alcatraz Perspective

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:15pm

Last week I finished the Escape from Alcatraz (EFA) Triathlon in San Francisco, which was a flat out awesome race.  Google it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  EFA is roughly an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5mi swim, 18mi bike, 8mi run), with a 1/2mi run between the swim and the bike, and an uneven, log-based, 400-stair climb at mile 5 during the run (a.k.a. ‘the sandladder’).  This was easily my most enjoyable tri because the distance and course layout is challenging yet it doesn’t wreck your body for several days like longer events do and nutrition management is not a huge focus.

The only 3 downsides to the race I would say are 1) unless you’re a pro you have to enter a lottery to get a spot, 2) if you get a spot the race is rather expensive ($350) due to race logistics, i.e., a ferry out to the rock, and 3) you have to be ready to board a bus to the ferry two hours before the race begins.  All 3 are totally worth it, once.  I fortunately have the bike and run courses in my backyard being an SF resident so I may give other bidders better odds and forgo the lottery next year.

As an avid athlete, I’m constantly looking for new challenges, to try new sports, and meet and learn from new people.  Likewise, I enjoy sharing my experiences with others such that it makes them more intrigued or excited about sports and fitness (hence why I believe in Athlo).  Afterward at the event exposition, which was filled with fitness gear and service vendors, I noticed an air of excitement among the spectators.  I heard people ranting numerous times about how they would force more fitness activities into their lifestyles.  This is one of my visions for Athlo - to provide that same motivation you get on race day every day.

If you have any questions about EFA or are interested in how the Athlo project will get more involved at community events, please comment to this blog.

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