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Ensure the safety of vehicle with proper inspection of tires.

Posted Dec 15 2012 10:48am
Some automobile owners do the work of tire rotation and jacking up the vehicle by itself while some prefer to have the job done by the help of some professional mechanic. Anyways, most of the vehicle expert recommend that you should perform the vehicle tire rotation after every 6000 miles. The best way to do this is at the time of vehicle servicing or at the time of any other routine maintenance. Because, you do not want to go to a service center individually for every work.

The front tires of a personal or commercial vehicle bears the most of the stress as compared to the rare one. They are responsible for turning the direction of a vehicle , when a driver makes a turn through the help of steering. Every time vehicle changes its direction, friction between the tire and road causes the tread to erode. Therefore, it is important for every vehicle owners especially whose tires under the warranty to complete tire rotation on time to ensure the validity of warranty and also for the long life of tires. Moreover, this process also provides opportunity for the vehicle owner to inspect the current condition of their vehicle tires. They can also inspect the signs of excessive wear that can further result into the leak or even blowout. While the time of inspection if any piece of rocks or debris found, it should be removed by the mechanic carefully.

A vehicle driver can easily notice the difference in handling in case tires are having some type of problem. In such cases generally vehicle starts pulling to one side or the other even in the case of straight line driving. In the worst situation a driver may notice that the vehicle is not reacting with the same speed as he is trying to move with the help of steering. So, if you find any of these problems with your vehicle it is recommended to go and meet your mechanic.

You may also do the tire rotation by own self by following some simple steps.

• Park your vehicle on the plain ground. Use wheel chocks for rear and front tire to prevent the car from moving at the time of working.

• Raise your car to some height to ensure the rotation of tires and it will also provide you better access to tires.

• Inspect all the tires thoroughly for finding any lug nuts or any other foreign body on the tire.

Hope it will work for you.
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