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Enjoy Life

Posted Jan 01 2013 3:07am

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today is yet another holiday that falls on a Tuesday, which is one of my favorite linkups of the week. I’m going to keep this short because a) I want to enjoy the new year and b) I want all of you to enjoy the new year.

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That being said, I wanted to share something that my nutritionist sent to me this week. I am seeing her in a couple weeks from now but I’ve been communicating with her regularly since I first emailed her right after Christmas. This article rang true and I thought it was something that would benefit not only me, but others in my place. I already shared it with Chels and she agreed it was pretty helpful. I know the holidays are officially over, but this last bullet was especially relevant:

“Be kind to yourself. The perfectionistic minds of those suffering from an eating disorder can make it difficult for them to accept when events do not go as planned. One perceived misstep does not make or break your recovery progress. Be proud of yourself for making an effort, however big or small and whatever the outcome.”

pretend the 2012 says 2013...

pretend the 2012 says 2013…

So with this new year I’m going to challenge myself and all of you to enjoy life. To not get bogged down by holiday anxieties, especially when revolving around food. To spend those precious moments with the ones you love. I’m going to find freEDom and I hope all of you do too (for those that are seeking it. To everyone else, I just hope you enjoy life, or continue enjoying it).

Happy New Years! What did you all do for the big night?

I’ll recap my day tomorrow but I’m probably running a race as you’re reading this. Not sure what the distance is yet, either a 5 or 10k, but that’s part of my new years resolution: ENJOY IT!

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