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Ending 2012 on the Up! Team Oiselle

Posted Dec 20 2012 9:43pm

Like anything done for several years, running has its ups and its downs. I’ve experienced both in the last few weeks. Thankfully, I am ending 2012 on a HUGE up in running.

Before we get to that, let’s get the down over. Almost two weeks ago, I had a race first. It wasn’t anything terribly exciting – no new shiny PR or strong finish to write home about. I had my first DNF (do not finish) at the Rocket City Marathon. What started out as an amazing day ended at mile 12. My hamstring cramped at mile 9. By mile 12, I knew that running through the pain would lead to a long-term injury. Having suffered from an injured hamstring before; I knew I wasn’t going to purposefully injure myself.

To be honest, although I knew I was doing the right thing, my ego was seriously bruised for dropping out. I don’t quit things I start – it’s not how I was raised or how I do things. I’ve run a full marathon with a hamstring while taking a nice chunk of time off my previous marathon time. I can grin and bear it like one very stubborn Cajun.

This time, I thought about my long-term running goals. Nothing in my goals for 2013 (more on that later) involved taking several months off of running. I remembered the promises I made to myself and those who love me that I would never push myself to an injury. I remembered that running a marathon is not a check it off the bucket-list item endeavor. I want to run until I am a very old lady, I want to coach other runners, I want to run faster and race harder than ever in 2013. All those things stacked up to making me confident in my DNF decision. Not an easy one but the right one for me.

Now that we have addressed the down, let’s get to the UP.

Oiselle Team Badge

Several months ago, I won a giveaway for some Oiselle gear from Jen of The Local Elite . I had heard about the awesomeness that is Oiselle through the running blog world and was excited to check it out. Little did I know; winning the giveaway was the start of something amazing. I fell in love with Oiselle gear. I started following Oiselle. I saw not only the passion the Oiselle team had for running but the comraderie and support they expressed to the women’s running world. I applied for a spot on Oiselle’s race team last month and found out last week that I had made the team. The Oiselle HQ ladies and the Team Oiselle ladies have been so welcoming already. This is by far the most exciting running happening of 2012. I cannot wait for all that is to come in 2013!

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