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End of Year Motivation Issues

Posted Dec 18 2012 7:16am

Over the past month I’ve relocated to Boston and started a new job. As if these two excuses aren’t enough to shelf my running, I’ve also dealt with lingering pains from the Richmond Marathon and have, overall, simply hit a reinforced wall.  This seems to happen to me each year around this time and without a doubt after a long training plan. My end of 2012 funk is also aided by baby preparations as my lovely wife is pushing towards 8 months of pregnancy.

So much going on and such little focus on running, and again I am okay with it all.  This might be the case as I become more confident that running will always be a part of my life.  I see myself with the jogging stroller running through the streets of my new town.  I will get into a new routine once things start to become more comfortable at the new job.  What I know as normal won’t return anytime soon with the new addition to our family, I am excited for the new goals and challenges that will come.

As I type this I am thinking about my early morning run in the cold Boston rain. The times that I have worked up enough excitement to go for a run, there is always someone there who is ready to go with me- my dog Shea.  The mornings when I want to go slow and steady she is there right by my side.  The days when we go out for a tempo she is there pushing me along.  We seem to have this new little game that when we come to the end of our run and hit the home stretch of our street we both take off as if we are racing to the fake driveway finish line.

The funk that I am in now will go away as I start to set goals for 2013 and add new races to my schedule.  I’m okay with the step-back in miles and frequency because I know that when I do lace up the sneakers I’ll have a running buddy with me who is dying to spend time with me while burning some puppy energy.

If you are like me and are in that end of year funk, find something  positive with each workout. It might be rewarding yourself with an extra dessert during the holidays or grabbing a new buddy and spending time with them. Whatever is holding you back from mid-season motivation don’t think on it too much, you will be back stronger than ever as we hit the road running in 2013. Reflect on your accomplishments this year, stay positive and keep setting goals.

How do you beat the end of year workout funk? Do you stay strong with your fitness during the holidays? What addition to your running helps when you’ve hit the wall? Who is your running buddy?

- Scott


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