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End Of Day 1-17 Day Diet

Posted Mar 19 2012 10:52pm

No I’m not going to do this every day (I don’t think) but considering the massive headache I’m experiencing I thought I should share my experience of Day 1 on the 17 Day Diet before I forget.

Okay so maybe it’s just allergies because I did wake up extremely nauseous this morning (and no I’m not preggers mom; sister-n-law, simmer down) and that same feeling has returned with a raspy throat so I’m writing off todays headaches to South Mississippi spring time allergies. Moving forward, the diet I would consider successful.

Breakfast was NOT on the diet………..piece of bread with a spoonful of peanut butter. (for the semi upchuck feeling I had going)


Lunch a beautiful salad that I took the time to measure out.  Have you ever really measured 85 grams of spinach?!  Good gravy that’s a lot of spinach. Just call me Popeye!!

Snack….apple with Chobani greek yogurt (oh my gosh I love that stuff! Not a paid opinion I just love it!)

Dinner……….chicken with carrots and green beans.

I also think I drank 5 bottles of 16.9 oz fluids of water. Not bad.

Now please keep this in mind………I AM NOT AN EXPERT. So what I write here is strictly my opinion. I’m only listing my meals as a form of accountability for myself.

With all that being said I am off to bed to cover my head up and pray this headache goes away. Till tomorrow………Cheers!


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