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Emily Boles: Undercover Runner

Posted Mar 03 2010 7:22am
I've posted on running safety before and back in November, I wrote about "5 Key-Storing Tips for Runners." But this morning, while reading Eddie Wooten's weekly column "Running Shorts" (my Wednesday morning ritual) in our local newspaper ( The News & Record ), I was provided with a wonderful example of exactly why we need to be so vigilant about our safety when running. In the article "Remain Vigilant for Key Thieves," Eddie describes an experience one of our local runners "Emily" had at a local park while waiting for some fellow runners for a scheduled run. [ Click here ] to read about Emily's courageous adventure.

In the article, Emily makes some good reminders for all runners to heed:
Don’t leave anything of value in view inside your vehicle.
Keep your key tied to your shoelaces or the drawstring of your shorts or in a pocket.
Buy a key pocket (
Off ‘N Running sells them) or store the key in your fuel belt.
Women should run with partners or in groups.

Thanks to Emily for being an undercover agent on behalf of all runners and thanks to Eddie for sharing Emily's story!
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