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Posted Jan 17 2011 7:39pm

Welcome, all, to the second installment of Embrace:Me , where we celebrate ourselves for who we are, right now.  Can you feel the love?  I certainly can.  Tonight’s Embrace:Me story comes from Savanna, whose blog is frickin’ adorable, inspiring, and hilarious.

Okay , so here’s me, 23 pounds down from my starting point in August. While I still have a way to go, I’m definitely content with where I am. I have big hips, plenty of junk in the trunk, “thunder” thighs, and calves that won’t fit in normal boots. But those parts are gonna power me through the next 800+ miles and my marathon next year. Beyond that, those hips will help me have babies one day. Those “thunder” thighs are what allows me to teach Zumba . Those calves look damn good in high heels. I’ve never had a Carmen Electra tummy, and if by the grace of God my ab muscles are ever defined, it will have been through hours and hours and hours of hard work. But, hey, I’m okay with that. Part of my ultimate acceptance of whatever my body decided to throw at me was my tattoo. It says “make your own luck” in my mom’s handwriting… You have to make your own luck and make your own happiness, and that involves loving, accepting, and embracing every single part of yourself.

Yes, I plan on losing a little more weight. Yes, I plan on running a marathon.  Hell, I’m probably going to run more than one. But, you know what, I’m loving myself now, so that when I’m in marathon shape and have the best stomach of my life, I’m gonna enjoy it as a reflection of my hard work. I will also have the confident knowledge now and then that, no matter how old I am or how my body looks, I’m a wonderful, caring, loving, beautiful person. That’s what counts.

Would you like to know more about Savanna?  Well, your wish is granted!

So who is Savanna, exactly? Well, I’m a freshman at Hendrix College and was, until recently, everyone’s favorite non-runner. I danced and did gymnastics for the majority of my life, but I really became interested in health and fitness this past summer. While the original purpose for my blog was to document my training for various half and full marathons, I am rapidly becoming aware of the ability that I have to motivate and encourage others to tackle goals of their own and take pride in themselves and their accomplishments.

What’s that?  You still want more?  Well, you should make your way over to her blog , then, post haste!  You won’t regret it.

Thanks, Savanna, for sharing your Embrace:Me story!  And thank you, dear readers, for checking in.  You can find the first Embrace:Me post here , and you can join Emily and Savanna in celebration of body confidence by submitting your own Embrace:Me story via email (icametorun [at] gmail [dot] com), Twitter , or Facebook .  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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